Why not to cancel appointments and to just go to them

Why not to cancel appointments and to just go to them.

I PV2 Jones Cancelled a appointment early because my platoon was going to the field. My appointment was on May 11th and i cancelled on May 8th just to be safe because i didn’t know if i would make out the field to make the appointment .

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Any kind of appointments are scheduled to help you out such as check up, dental , and ect are for your benefit. So why not cancel them ? let’s say you cancel your appointment and something happens to you that could have be prevented by going to your appointment. It would be your fault because you had the tools to prevent it but you didn’t decide to use them and you can only blame yourself. It is part of your job as a soldier to take care of your body and health how can you be combat ready if your not in good health ? Always know when where and what time to be at A appointment.Appointments main goals are to help a person set up important events that need to be address. At least that’s how I view it they can prove to some very useful in most cases. Sometimes they can be dumb as fuck but you have to deal with them. Shit all people have to deal with appointments.

Missing/canceling a appointment doesn’t just affect you it affects the people working there and it affect the other people who needs to get better or who needs the to be seen by that place . Why waste the resources when we got people who really are in need of them?Or why not be on time to your appointment? Being on time not only builds self-confidence, but others consider such a person to be dependable. Besides, it reveals how one values time. Adhering to schedules reduces the pressure of time and possibly results in better decision-making. One is more in control of the situation because one is not under pressure; being calm leads to improved decision-making. It also indicates self-discipline and this in itself is a valuable attribute. People try to pack in more productivity into the time they have which can be disastrous. They not only fail to keep appointments, but in the rush to do too many things at the same time, they end making a mess of the work in hand. Being late for appointments can be a source of stress; it might impact the outcome of the meeting and the presentation. It can also lead to strained relationships be it at the workplace or in the personal life. In addition, missing appointments can take a toll on one’s life. It can lead to lost opportunities; lead to embarrassment forcing one to come up with lame excuses; and make life more complicated. Appointments are a part of life both in personal and professional field.Instead of canceling an appointment outright, it’s best to just reschedule to a better time. However, you should note that it can be hard to get a replacement appointment at about the same time. You may have to postpone the appointment for weeks or even months.

US as soldiers we have lots of work on a daily basis we do most of the groundwork of the army and shit so somethings we forget about our personal things we have to do throughout the day such as appointments. Always have a way as a joe to remind yourself of your appointments and other things you have to do because you don’t want to be the private that has to write a four thousands word essay on why you shouldn’t miss or cancel your appointment. I know a lot of soldiers who can’t manage their time and keep their appointments but i’m not one of them i’m always on top of my game and i’m always making my appointments and getting there early and what not. My appointments are important to me and i try my hardest to make everyone and not cancel a single one but sometimes training and other things come up and prevents you from doing what you gotta do to make your appointments .


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