While we may have diverse ethnic or racial foundations

While we may have diverse ethnic or racial foundations, all who live in this glad nation are on the whole individuals who put stock in qualities, for example, freedom, flexibility, and equity. We are for the most part relatives or supporters of the overcome loyalists who battled in the progressive war to remain for these same standards, and by referencing this mutual legacy, Kennedy can additionally join the American individuals. Also, Kennedy additionally associates the gathering of people through a call to obligation coordinated at every last audience. He tells his “individual Americans” to “ask not what your nation can improve the situation you” but rather do what they can for their nation (Kennedy). While it is a major obligation, he recognizes that we can do this and if every American subject helps the nation in their own particular manner, we will have the capacity to have any kind of effect. Through a consolidated exertion, our nation will have the capacity to improve the world, as a country of joined people groups is substantially more grounded than a country of separated people groups.


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