Whenever and wherever humans are gathered together in large numbers

Whenever and wherever humans are gathered together in large numbers, they need
leadership. A strong leader is the combination of a certain set of skills who inspires and
empowers others to become a leader. Leadership is defined as a personal quality of an individual
that influence the behavior of followers. The successful leader must lead to encourage and
inspire the followers to achieve a certain goal. In a company, a manager cannot manage
effectively unless he can lead the subordinates effectively. Hence a leader may or may not be a
manager but a successful manager must be a leader. As Maxwell (n.d) says,’ a leader is one who
knows the way, goes the way and shows the way’. An effective leader has a farsighted vision and
knows the ideas to turn into the real world. One needs to possess the certain characteristics to be
an effective leader, which I have come to learn through research and experience.
In the first place, it is the personal qualities that count for most, in other words, the
personality. A leader, in any location, must be someone who can be looked up to and respected.
His own judgment must be trusted and he should have the capacity to bring love and warmth
from those he leads. For example, Gautam Buddha of Nepal, having strength with gentleness.
He was firm, sane, and empathetic. He would dependably react to the issues introduced to him,
without being arrogant. His way of speech was typically the Socratic one: to discover spots of
shared belief, and slowly prompt unexpected conclusions. We don’t have any mentality to expect
that Buddha wasn’t a good example in each word, thought, and deed. The demonstration to
leave all that he knew with a specific end goal to discover enlightenment is the strong example.
According to the survey, 67% of the leaders in the world have high ethical and moral standards
which helps to create a safe and trusting environment. A leader with high ethical standards
puts forward assurance to justice that both leaders and employees will respect the rules and
regulations. In addition, you are a leader only, if your behavior encourages other persons to
dream more, do more and be more. (Adams,2003). So, the first quality of effective leader is that
he must have the ability to win over men’s heart.
Secondly, a leader must be confident enough to assure that your subordinates follow you.
Your employees will never follow you if you are not clear about your own decision. As a leader,
you must overflow with your confidence, also demonstrate some swagger and self-assuredness
to build the honor of your subordinates, which doesn’t imply to be over-confident but rather you
should show the required confidence to ensure that your subordinates trust you as a leader. For
instance, Balbhadra Kunwar, who was a Nepalese military commander during Anglo-Nepalese
War. During the Anglo-Nepal war, he took the whole guard of Nalapani fort. The war against the
British fighters were incredibly savage to daze them. Balbhadra Kunwar, however less
equipped, battled courageously with the powerful British and could make an effective protection
of the fort for a long. Due to his confident, he was highly impressed and British soldiers built a
memorial stone and carved words of honor on it. Furthermore, according to Storey (2016), a
good leader has confidence if he has done a little thing well, he can do a bigger thing well too.
Leadership is about having the confidence to make a decision. If someone is afraid to make and
commit to decisions, all of the commuication and empowerment in the world won’t make little
difference. In addition, As Roosevelt (n.d) says, ‘A good leader inspires people to have
confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves’. As
much as a leader needs those followers to believe in them, it is said to be an effective leader is to
let those followers see the potential in themselves. Therefore, a leader must have confidence in
themselves so as to make a decision as well as to follow by others.
Again, a leader must be a good communicator so as to communicate with the other people.
It will be very difficult for a leader to make a decision without clear communication about the
strategy to achieve the goal to the team. Basically, if you cannot convey the message properly
then you cannot be a good leader. An effective communicator will be an effective leader. Words
have ability to motivate the individual and make them do unbelievable. If leaders use them
effectively, they can achieve the desired goal. It is impossible to become an effective leader
without being an effective communicator. Mother Teresa (1910-1997) was a catholic nun, had a
strong personality and she was able to persuade the most difficult of politicians to see things her
way. She could speak to anyone from politicians, dignitaries and world leaders to the poorest
beggars on the street. She has the ability to communicate through actions which revealed the
different side of being a good communicator. As Peter (n.d) says,’ Communication is everyone’s
panacea for everything’. However, an organization is incomplete without a clear communication.
It doesn’t matter if an organization has a clear vision and the flexible strategy there should be
clear communication which passes on the principles and the direction of an individual inside the
organization, so there will be no any definitive failure occurrence. According to the survey done
by Sunnie Giles, 56% of the leaders in the world are clear communicator which is helpful for
avoiding blindsiding people also ensuring that everyone is on the same track. So, communication
is also the main quality of an efficient leader.
To become a good leader, you should have every one of these three important characteristics
however if you lack a portion of these characteristics, at that point you may struggle to make the
mark in the world of authority. You should be a role model for others to follow you. Lastly, good
communication skills and confident are a couple of traits which make leader stand out.


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