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what you want. Treat employees with dignity, respect, and fairness, and they become more engaged, more productive, and more creative and innovative. Find a way to lift up everyone in the organization so that innovation, creativity, and progress are once again a shining star. Simple, yes. But it takes courage and real, authentic leadership to make that leap. The leaders who do it will be the heroes of the future of the world of work.
I believe that at our core each of us has a purpose or mission in our lives. And whether we can articulate it clearly or not, we bring that search for meaning and purpose with us into our teams and organizations. Real leaders know that each person comes to an organization with a set of skills, strengths, and personality. When we authentically help people tap into those skills and strengths, we give them permission to flourish and be remarkable in their roles and do amazing things for themselves, the organization, and their families and communities.
Truly heroic leaders, people we love working for, will help those they lead in this quest. It’s their responsibility and ours to create the space for people to discover who they are and why they are where they are through the work they do. When that happens there’s a chance for magic to happen, where people are inspired, where they are most engaged, most productive, and most creative at work.
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e. Most new employees, who are new to the job market, start off as C employees. These employees are very raw and don’t contribute any value to the firm, as they are still ascending the learning curve and understanding how to effectively perform their duties. Generally speaking, most competent employees manage to graduate to the next level in about 6-9 months’ time (probation period) or they are weeded out from the organization accordingly. Such employees are easily dispensable in the beginning, and as a result they also have to bear a lot of bossing around/grunt work/hardship. Thus, on face value it seems that it is easily feasible to fire such employees-but not so fast. If this is to be effected, where will the future workforce come from.
Organisations often lasts longer than there employees and these organisations need people. If all c-employees are fired a delimma and economic chaos is imminent in the medium and long term. The future workforce needed will have to come from somewhere, thus it is evident that c-employees go through a journey of progress-thus c-employees regenerate the B and A workforce in the economy. This progression is explored.
When the training wheels come off and the employeecan manage to carry out their tasks effectively with minimal supervision, that is when an employee finally graduates to being a B Grade employee. Such an employee manages to add value to the firm, which is limited only to performing his or her duties at hand. Such employees become integral to the firm and become harder and harder to replace as their seniority at the firm increases. They either strive to reach a level where they do more than what is expected of them, or stagnate without adding value to the company and only work for their next paycheck.
These are employees who fully utilize their abilities, work experience, and act proactively to ensure they add more value to the firm and perform better than what is expected of them. Such employees want to learn and are highly motivated and incentivized in what they do. They go out of their way to get the job at hand done. They always strive to better themselves by adding to their productivity and application of their skills, which in turn, helps organizations reach higher levels of excellence year after year. Most employers dream of cultivating an army of such employees, who have the capability to take on a lot of responsibilities and who are able to test the limits of their abilities daily.


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