What role did the women in The Great Gatsby portray

What role did the women in The Great Gatsby portray? F.Scott Fitzgerald,author of The Great Gatsby,illustrates most women in his novels in a incredibly negative light. He portrays them as dependent upon men,selfish, and completely amoral. Jay Gatsby is in love with the wealthy Mrs.Daisy Buchanan and tries to win her love by proving that he is wealthy. However,no matter how wealthy he becomes, or how many gigantic parties he throws,he is still never good enough for Daisy. The story ends in tragedy as Gatsby is killed and dies utterly alone. Fitzgerald’s characterization of Daisy,Myrtle,and Jordan in The Great Gatsby demonstrates women who are objectified by men and treated as their trophies,while also showing how these women have no substance of their own;they are empty shells,meant for beauty and entertainment.


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