“What goes around comes around

“What goes around comes around, that’s what people say. So all the pain you caused me will come back to you someday” (Unknown.) The theme of “what goes around comes around” is exemplified in both the Grimm version and the Disney version of Cinderella, however the Grimm version definitely exemplifies the theme more effectively than the Disney version does.
The Grimm version and the Disney version of Cinderella both include punishment to the stepsisters for how they treated Cinderella and they both exemplify the theme. For example, in both versions, the stepsisters do not get to what they want,which is to marry the prince and for Cinderella not to be happy. The Disney version kept it this way because that is basically the story. If the …show more content…
In contrast with the Grimm version, the punishment in the Disney version is more of an emotional punishment. Whereas the Grimm version had a physical punishment. The only punishment for the stepmother and stepsisters is that they just have to see Cinderella get what they wanted, which was to marry the prince. This is extremely hard for them because that was what they wanted the most and now they have to see their step sister and maid who was ” much too dirty to be seen” (Grimm) get what they wanted. They are probably also pretty angry and upset about what happened. It is noticeable in the film that they are all furious that Cinderella got to become the princess. The Disney version made this the only punishment in the story because the punishment in the Grimm version was too gory. The Disney movie is directed towards children so they could not make it too gory, but they also had to teach the lesson. This version did a good job exemplifying the theme, however the punishment in the Grimm version is just more effective, as noted before.


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