What does it mean to be a successful learner

What does it mean to be a successful learner? This student is an engaged learner who is responsible for his own learning. This student is self-regulated and is able to look at his own achievements. He will also be energized by his learning. His hard work at learning can lead to a long life of enthusiasm to solve problems as well as understanding, remembering and then taking the next step in his own thinking. This student is a leaner who likes to plan how he knows how to learn, so he is able to transfer information to solve issues uniquely. This is what a successful learner looks like for this student. This student also has included these skills like finding an ideal study environment, in a quiet place. He will also schedule time for studying, he will take short breaks after periods of studying. This student, to be a successful learner will need to put studying before other commitments when necessary.


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