Wearing uniform could improve student’s performances and inappropriate behaviors

Wearing uniform could improve student’s performances and inappropriate behaviors. Some studies show that there’s an increase in student suspension whereas some show there is a reduction in the incidence of misbehavior. And, a few others show no change in misbehavior. Therefore, is it necessary to wear a uniform? In this paper, I will argue that wearing uniform changes students in many ways and benefits them in different manners.
Most of the parents would assume that buying school uniform instead of branded clothes may seem like a financial solution but school-uniform might even be more expensive than casual clothes. The cost of school uniform is rapidly rising, which, parents, are unable to pay for the uniform. Therefore, wouldn’t it be better to buy school uniform rather than casual clothing?
Of course, not every student is from high-earning income family. If we allow students to wear what they want, this would make students be discriminated instead of everyone playing together and working as a team. On the other hand, this could increase the peer pressure of a student; Introduction of school uniform actually hide the individuality. Therefore, wearing school uniforms bring an equality among students, regardless of social discrimination.


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