TPS will stop immediately at the point where there is an error with non-programmed decision

TPS will stop immediately at the point where there is an error with non-programmed decision. In addition, they usually go to the deep-down to find the root cause of the quality problems. Moreover, Toyota usually supports to each of its supplier when they have problems.
Being the sole supplier, there is no other competitors and KFS can be low in motivation level. Concerning with the seat problem, one factor can be that increasing volumes due to high in orders from Toyota. This will affect KFS production process. It was also observed some root causes like being poor and not clear in communication, fax machines and handwriting orders. Thus, defects occurred since the seat supplier received the message through fax machine and there can be risks to misunderstand.
When we learn the quality gurus, Ishikawa’s quality circles show cause and effect with the fish-bone diagram which is easier to find the cause of the problem. Deming’s 14 points Taguchi’s loss function made variation minimized.
In 1985, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) opened $800 million greenfield plant in Kentucky. Toyota Production System (TPS) used the auto-machines with human-effort together. In the production system, ‘throughput rate’ or flow rate can be stated as an average rate which means the number of flow units going through the business process per unit time (e.g. served customers per hour or produced parts per minute.) In a production process, ‘throughput time’ is the amount of time required for a product to pass through a manufacturing process in order to convert from raw materials into finished goods. This concept can be similarly applied in the processing of raw materials into a component or sub-assembly. Work-In-Process (WIP) is the result of multiplying throughput rate and throughput time. Toyota usually cares on production units based on the change leadership through its operational excellence which is to find daily improvement. The actual production time for a car at TMMK (Toyota Motor Manufacturing,


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