Today, customers are often involved in a broad range of buying decisions. Consumers may not realize that advertising directly affects their daily lives, but when consumers have to make a buying decision in purchasing a product, consumers have to think about products that were exposed in the pub. One option is the option of two or more options, for example, a choice between Good C and Good D (are many reasons the customer buys the product several times; Customers may be satisfied with the product form test or previous purchase; They heard suggestions of mouth words from other post buyers; Sales advertising can persuade customers to repeat their purchases. On one side of these reasons, ads that make the biggest impact on customer buying decisions.
Advertisement is a most important weapon for branding-building of a products to the target audience. It can stimulate and convince customers to make purchasing decision. There are many ways in marketing communication; especially advertising is a powerful marketing tool which can spread message to target audience. In fact, Coke’s company was promoted by advertising to be one of the most famous brand in the world. Most of the achievement was based on a hundred year of advertising history and their innovative thinking. This the major reason why Coca-Cola spends huge budget on advertising every year. Coca-cola who was market leader in carbonated soft drink successful introduces their product by launching TV commercials and social media to attract all type of audience. Effective advertising helps Coca-Cola brand remain in consumer’s mind and create brand royalty in the long term as well. Therefore, advertising is secret key behind the scene of Coca-Cola’s success.


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