Today there are many different concepts about being married or stay single

Today there are many different concepts about being married or stay single. A human being is a social animal they need a partner in life to share their feelings. But being married or stay single is choice of an individual. As being married there are many things changes like responsibility, lifestyle and co-ordination. In contrast, stay single does not need to change yourself.
Firstly, responsibility is the first difference between single and married life. There are many responsibilities for a married person as compared to single. Married people need to manage their time when doing daily activities. But single people don’t need to worry about managing their time. In addition, married people need to put extra effort into managing their career and life because taking care of their husband or wife. As an advantage, single people don’t have to pay bills and other expenses. But sometimes this is bad because they carry all the responsibility on themselves and no one to share. On the other hand, married people have a partner to share their feelings, expenses, food, clothes, and rent. Single people also have more time to socialize and go to gym and club.
Secondly, lifestyle totally changes after being married. Married people need to pay more attention and taking care of a partner. Single people would spend more time with themselves without anything to share. In addition, married people are becoming more responsible for their life and career. They must give up many bad habits to make their partner to feel better. Also, when being single don’t need to give up anything because there is no one to stop you from doing all these things. On the other hand, married people make plans in long-term like career goals, children’s and their education. A lifestyle which is totally different between single and married people.
In conclusion, being married or single is a part of life. There are some advantages or disadvantages of being married or single. Married people became more responsible and goal oriented. It is an important decision that changes people lives depending on how they prefer to live.


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