Title: People Live Here
Author: ??Rise Against
Text Type: Written Text: Lyrics

The lyrics are very explicit about religion and how it is influencing the “higher” people to arm their followers and starts wars to justify killing innocent people. I cannot relate to these views since I am not religious, and any religious people I know are not very vocal about their views, but people that are heavily religious might be able to relate to this a lot more. The song “People Live Here” by the alternative rock band Rise Against, I have found, leaves a very strong impact on the listener.

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One of the primary issues that this song raises is the way religion is affecting individuals to begin wars. This has appeared in the song in the opening line, where it says: “My God is better than yours.” Already the individual that this tune is about feeling that they are predominant. This line likewise comes in when the guitar is quiet playing basic harmonies in a noteworthy movement, demonstrating that this predominance fend begins off when you wouldn’t dare to hope anymore. As the stanza advances, the harmony movement changes to a somewhat more extreme arrangement of harmonies, which I think demonstrates that there is a quarrel over to break out. The section at that point rehashes with various verses and after that goes to the chorale. In the tune, the tune changes to a minor key, indicating misery and outrage. I imagine that the verses additionally contrast a tempest with a war, where everything is exceptionally serious and tumultuous. This individual song is about acknowledged what they have done for the sake of their God and realises that it isn’t right. This is bolstered by the statement from the finish of the chorale: “As the waves crash high and the shoreline disappears, I will scream to the sky, ‘hey people live here.'” Screaming to the sky is him conversing with his God. In reality, there have been numerous wars battled due to religion, a standout amongst the latest being the Second Sudanese Civil War, which began in 1983 and finished in 2005. This was battled between the Christian of South-Sudan and the Muslim individuals of Sudan. By and large, there were between 1-2 million individuals that kicked the bucket on account of this war. This is only one of the numerous models of wars caused by religion, which to me appears to be a silly misuse of life and assets, anyway I don’t have a clue about the full insights about the greater part of these wars and the correct reasons regarding why they began, so I surmise that I can’t make a completely thoroughly considered conclusion inside reason.

Another thought that the song infers is that the higher class individuals are sending individuals who they believe are beneath them to battle in their unimportant wars and slaughter honest people so they don’t need to. This is raised in the tune with the line: “My gun is bigger than yours, so let’s arm the masses and see what the bastards do then.” Immediately after this line, the tune changes into the more extraordinary piece of the section which thinks about what the general population who began the war used to be to what they are currently, which at that point sends the tune into the ensemble which I translate as the war. The murdering blameless individual’s thought originates from the scaffold in the line: “From the coffins full of kindergarteners, is this what you call free?” This line proposes that kids were executed in this war. In spite of the fact that the verses don’t state if the general population the tune began with were really engaged with the war themselves, I think it is sheltered to expect that they don’t have anything to do with the real battling, be that as it may on the off chance that they caused the majority of this bedlam, can they truly be called guiltless? This is upheld by the last couple of lines in the extension: “From the hate that drips from all your crosses, are your hands so clean?” To me this line is demonstrating that they despise is the blood of the fallen trickling off of the religious ordinarily crosses related with Christianity, and in spite of the fact that their hands give off an impression of being spotless, they are tarnished with what they have in a roundabout way caused. These thoughts are exceptionally normal in reality and are found all over the place, for example, any military power on the planet. Albeit a few nations give individuals a chance to volunteer, a few nations draft individuals in for required administration, which can prompt their passings on account of their bosses.

To conclude, I trust that “People Live Here by Rising Against” raises some substantial, however dubious thoughts regarding how religions can cause wars and the general population that begins them regularly don’t complete them by their very own hands, yet rather send their devotees to do the grimy work. While I think that its difficult to identify with this tune on an individual dimension, some religious individuals may have the capacity to comprehend this tune on a more profound dimension than I have.


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