Title: Financial planning in our life

Financial planning is one of the most important part to make our future more secure, reliable and maintaining financial independence. It is the process of determining ways to earn, save and spend money to reach our life goals. When it comes to money, planning needs to be strategic as many variable blockers that will affect financial plan. Unfortunately, many individuals seem to ignore for multiple reasons. Without a financial plan, we cannot track our cash flow and our debt could be growing without realizing it.

Thesis Statement:
Benefits of having a financial plan

Topic sentence 1 – To understand financial well being in certain time. The financial planning process helps gain an understanding about the current financial position. Adjustments in an investment plan or evaluating a retirement scheme becomes easy for an individual with financial understanding.

Topic sentence 2 – A financial plan helping you reach your goals. Financial planning provides the road map to guide your financial decision. You will establish goals and then measure your progress towards achieving those goals on a regular basis.

Topic sentence 3 – Giving the financial confidence. Confidence counts for so much in life take. It helps you take control of your financial situation and gives you a much stronger chance of fulfilling the goals that matter to you.

Topic sentence 4 – Feel more prepared for whatever the future holds. Prevention is better than cure and when its about money, getting ready is better than regretting. There might be unexpected times which may become hurdles before goals. Financial planning involves being ready for such situations without affecting primary objectives.

Creating a financial plan helps us see the big picture and easier to make decisions to meet our goal. When you have the right financial plan for your circumstances, covering every area of your financial life, from investments to spending needs and saving planning, you can balance what you need and want today with the personal goals you have for the future.