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Throughout the world, global warming has been a topic that has been talked about by scientists and politicians that have many various opinions on what actions people should take. One side of the conversation would say that global warming is happening but not many citizens in this society are attempting to stop it from happening. On the other hand, people are saying that global warming is a myth and that politicians and scientists are telling lies just to get attention. The parameters of this problem is that there isn’t a clear side where most people are agreeing with each other since there is clearly a divide on both sides of the conversation. Because of these various opinions on these topic, the purpose of this research is to show the information about what sides that people are arguing at and also why they are going at that side. From the articles that I have read, I agree that global warming is a problem. There is much skepticism in the public about how climate change has been a dispute for the world since many people are arguing if it is a complication to increasing climate temperatures in the world. However, there are some solutions that we can do as the public such as educating more people on what global warming actually is and to give less attention to the media in order for more action to happen to solve the problem.
While there are people that have opinions about the topic, some are confused about how climate change is caused. According to Rachel Dryden, she says that “While a majority of Americans do believe that climate change is real, they do not understand its causes” (Dryden 1). This is based on the fact that people think that this problem will easily be fixable. Dryden says that “As a result people may falsely conclude that if climate change is real, and gets serious enough, it can be fixed relatively quickly by cutting emissions, just as was done with air pollution”(Dryden 1). By initially testing specific towns in America, Dryden shows what people think about taking action on climate change. From her research, about 91% out of the people in Allegheny County believed that climate change was a problem, and needed to be addressed as soon as possible.(Dryden 6). However, while people may agree that climate change is happening, according to Deyden they still do not understand that in order to not let it happen they need to decrease the CO2 levels throughout the world.(Dryden 8)
From a political standpoint, politics and media has also affected how citizens in the world have thought about climate change. According to Nicholas Smith, global warming has been a key objective for the government since the Obama Administration(Smith1) Actions such as the American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which gave an increased amount of $80 million dollars for better energy(Smith1). On the other hand, the rise of media has contributed to Americans learning what global warming is(Smith 8).Scandals such as “Climategate” have led to people assuming that scientist were changing the data that they got to make the statistics look more unfavorable(Smith 8).
While some people may say that global warming efforts have improved, there is still some climate change that is happening that is affecting people. For instance, in Portugal the water quality in the Lis River is for the utmost importance for its own citizens.(Fonseca 1) According to Fonseca, a decrease of 77% in faecal coliform is needed in order to have the best water quality.(Fonseca 1) Accordingly, an increase of temperature by 1 degree celsius leads to a surge of bacteria by 1.1 degrees celsius and a 1.5 percent loss of bacterial concentration. Climate change has its effects on how healthy people can be throughout the world.However, the question is there any possible way that we control the increased temperature at 1.5 degrees celsius? The answer is yes but we have to be very careful with the actions that we make. For countries across the globe, the main goal is to reduce the amount of carbon that is in the atmosphere. This can be done by improving the capability of fuel in vehicles and decrease the amount of using electronic automobiles when traveling.
Again, there is a lot skepticism about whether climate change is actually a problem and if it really does . People are arguing about global warming because some of them aren’t fully educated with what it actually is or they aren’t caring enough to know that this is a problem that we have to fix right now.If more citizens can fully understand what climate change is, then more people will be more careful with the actions that they make. While there isn’t a definite resolution to resolving the problem, I think we can help the world with climate change by using less vehicles and reducing the amount of carbon that is in the atmosphere.We can also beg the government to change their political views on certain topics of climate change. In my opinion, I think that the political landscape is affecting how citizens are thinking about climate change presently. With the media also showing inaccurate concepts about what they think global warming is, I suppose that many people should ignore what the media says in order for them to get a full understanding of climate change and its effects. In addition, with the effects of increased atmospheric temperatures, there was also a surge of bacteria that affected the contamination of water in Portugal which shows how climate change can affect how human live. With the effects of climate change at a critical state, the time for change is right now and is possible with cooperation with all people in order to fix this problem.

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