Throughout history

Throughout history, people have set a variety of social norms that dictate the types of behaviors that are considered appropriate for men and women. There are many factors that change the way people view gender roles, which range from different cultures and time periods to the way one was brought up by their parents. From birth, children learn gender stereotypes such as the colors that are used to decorate their rooms and the toy’s children played with, whether it be doll houses or toy cars. Traditionally, females are
expected to take care of the children, cook, and look over the house, while men are
sought out to take care of finances and to provide for the family. In the readings, Pink
Think, The Men We Carry in Our Minds, The Wife of Bath, and Mallam Sile it is evident
that everyone has their way of understanding the differences between men and women.

In the essay written by Scott Russell, “The Men We Carry In Our Minds,” it discusses his personal views on the dilemma of gender roles that pondered his mind after
analyzing the harsh lives of the surrounding people in his life growing up. He explains
why a man from a poor background sees women as far more privileged than the men he
witnessed in his community. “The bodies of the men I knew were twisted and maimed in
ways visible and invisible. The nails of their hands were black and split, the
hands tattooed with scars.” (Scott Russell 133). Scott’s view on women changed when he
recieves the opportunity to attend a college through a scholarship and was exposed to the
way women viewed the issues with gender roles. These women assumed that all men
were like their fathers “They were attended from morning to night by female helpers,
wives and nurses and secretaries. These fathers made decisions that mattered. They ran
the world.” (Scott Russell 136) Scott realized that not only men, but even women
struggled to thrive and find contemptment in daily living. “The daughters of such men
wanted to share in this power, this glory. So did I. They yearned for a say over their
future, for jobs worthy of their abilities, for the right to live at peace, unmolested, whole.”
(Scott Russell 136). The purpose of Scott’s essay is to show that not only men but also
women go through hard situations although it might be different circumstances.

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