Through the ages

Through the ages, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald has been viewed as one if not the most influential American author of his age. He was rednoud for exemplifying on the Jazz Era, and through his work on what the upsetting era in which he lived in. This period was tormented by individuals who were either extravagantly rich or like numerous fantasized of wealth. For Fitzgerald it was the ladder, where fell into the trap of needing to be well off, and endured extraordinary individual anguish on account of these main thrusts. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life was plagued with both thrashings and triumphs and these circumstances influenced his life as an author.
No one like Fitzgerald has set the fine border that separates success from failure. He was born on September 24, 1896 in the town of St. Paul, Minnesota. Fitzgerald received his first scholar education in several Catholic schools, and in 1913 enrolled into Princeton University, abandoning his studies in 1917, during the First World War, and joining the ranks of the army. In that same year, while performing military training, he began to write ‘The Romantic Egotist”, his first novel, where along the way met Zelda Sayre, with which he committed in 1919. War ended, and with the disappointment of not having fired a single bullet, he moved to New York to work as a publicist. Although his first novel had been rejected, he rewrote it in just six weeks with the retitling “This Side of Paradise”, publishing it in 1920. His debut became a successful event, selling out in just three days, Almost immediately after he married Zelda, even though months before she had ended her marriage engagement. The couple had a daughter in 1921 and moved to France in 1924(Brandies).
From the beginning of his literary career, to earn more money, Scott Fitzgerald had written short stories that were published in various newspapers and magazines, some of which appeared in compilation volumes such as “Flappers and Philosophers”, “Stories of the Jazz Age”, “All Sad Men” and “Tap at Reveille”. In addition, in those years he also wrote the play “The vegetable” and the novel “The Beautiful and the Damned”(Biography). In 1925 came along his gem, “The Great Gatsby”, the narrative of the achievement and consequent decrease of a liquor dealer amid the Prohibition, that he makes a noble character and from that point lives as a Ghost in a manor, committing everything that is in him and cash to get the lady he adores. Fitzgerald received favorable reviews that even pointed to it as a masterpiece, but was not well received by readers. He likewise composed two other incredible books, “Tender is the Night”, which he thought about the finish of his work. In 1932, Zelda was diagnosed with schizophrenia and admitted to a psychiatric clinic in Baltimore(Brandies). For this time Fitzgerald’s dependence on alcohol increased, and accompanied by further economic problems, Fitzgerald, knew to collaborate in various magazines and sold to Hollywood film studios the rights to various of his stories and left the last years of his life and at the time of death the unfinished novel “The Last Tycoon”.
“All life is a process of demolition, of course, but the effects of the blows that make the dramatic part of the work-the big sudden blows that come or seem to come from outside, those that one remembers, those that bear the blame, Those who, in momen


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