This story is about making a difference by trusting that they can make improvement

This story is about making a difference by trusting that they can make improvement. The story starts at a teacher telling to her pupils that they love them all the same as we all know we cannot love every child equally because some child need some more attention and some are not. Until she met a child named Teddy who is unpleasant and always needed a bath child. Miss Thompson write a bold red X and a big F on Teddy’s paper by that he already judge Teddy by the way he looks and act, . Until she review the past record of teddy and discover the reason why Teddy acting that way. From first grade he was a bright and ready laugh child, second grade he still an excellent study but struggle because her mom has terminal illness, third grade her mother’s death get hard on him but still try his best but his father are not interested and at his fourth grade he withdrawn and does not shown interest and sleeps at class. Because of the happening Teddy’s well-being get affected and turns in boring child. As we can see the mind of a young boy get distracted and struggles because of his family.
One day all children give present to Miss Thompson but one child give unpleasant wrapped gift from Teddy, when she open it she saw a bracelet with missing rime stone and a used perfume she use the perfume and after class when all the pupils are out Teddy tell Miss Thompson that she smell like her mother. So Teddy is looking for her mother he is was looking for a mother’s care. Miss Thompson realizes to quit teaching arithmetic reading etc. and to start teaching children. Teddy get special attention because of his case and that proved that teachers can’t love their student exactly the same.
After several meeting Teddy become alive and the more courage Miss Thompson gave the faster he respond. Children have different level of mind some student needs lot of attention to have progress.
But this what I just noticed the story Title Three From Teddy but in the story there are five: First the letter under the chair telling that she was the best teacher, second 6 years letter when Teddy Graduate in High school in Third Honor but still the best teacher, 4 years after the third letter come telling the it is tough time staying at school and assuring that she was still the best teacher, another four years passed the fourth letter come telling he got bachelor degree and say that she still the best teacher after years the fifth letter come tell that he is getting married. So it has five letters so the tittle can be Five Letter from Teddy instead of three
Teddy thank that Miss Thompson believes in his ability and thank for the really big help but he got it all wrong Miss Thompson learn many lesson in her life that she can make a difference.
At the end of the video clip there are an inspiring message that really turn me in tears. You can never tell what type of impact you may have on other’s person’s life by your action or lack of action, if Miss Thompson didn’t look after Teddy maybe he still unpleasant man. The development of one’s mind is not easy without guidance, care and love.


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