This family took a fresh start about one hundred years ago by Lucy Ault

This family took a fresh start about one hundred years ago by Lucy Ault, how was well known throughout the business industry. She later lived and died in Guyana. By the year 2000 this family became multiracial.

Great Grandmother
Lucy Ault was born ,in Suriname, in 1917, during the first world war. She’s the daughter of an European and Amerindian. After graduating high school lucy never attended college instead she joined the workforce to become a school janitor. A few years later working as a janitor Lucy quitted her job and decided to move to a different country in company with her boyfriend whom she met throw a friend. She was never married but was the mother to five kids with her boyfriend named Nathan Henry.
In order to feed such a big family lucy use her life saving and bought a eight acres land to become a farmer to feed her kids. She was successful in business and acquired a substantial amount of money. After accomplishing this achievement she died of cancer, in 1972. Her boyfriend nathan died in 1989. Children: 1 .lewis Ault born 1936, dead . 2. Larry Henry-Ault born 1937, now residing in Demerara, Guyana 3. Judy Ault born 1841, now residing in Georgetown, Guyana. 4. Joan Ault, now residing in Georgetown, Guyana 5. Patsy Ault born 1952, now residing new york.
Joan ault, daughter of Lucy Ault and Nathan Henry, was born in rose hall, berbice, in 1949. Being born the second youngest she sometimes helped herd the cattle after school with her older brother lewis and larry. She’s well educated because she attended a high school, and nursing college. After graduating college she worked at a hospital in berbice. Beginning the life as a nurse she was being acknowledged by everyone, to the point where everyone knows her has nurse joan.
In the year 1989 when her father died she left the farm to her older son and under the care of older brother larry, she was married and had four kid, three girls and one boy. she then later moved to Georgetown the capital of Guyana, and worked in Georgetown Hospital until 2015, when she retired. During her last six years as a nurse she helped raise three of her grandkids, while their parents were away. Joan ault was the mother to four children, 1. Royston Henry born in 1968, the oldest who later took ownership and continued the family farm. 2.Semone Henry born in 1972, she is a senior pastor of seven days adventures, 3. Sonia Birkett born in 1978, moved queens new york in the year 2007 she attended brooklyn college and earned a bachelor degree and became an accountant 4. Shondell Birkett born in 1983, moved to trinidad and tobago to attend a more advanced school she later moved to brooklyn, new york and became a teacher.

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Born Sonia Birkett on march 8, 1978, in rose hall berbice. She moved to Georgetown guyana with her mother Joan ault, and her younger sister sara birkett. At the age of 21 she married Melvin Hooper who was born in may 27 ,1977.

Born Mishack hooper on November 26, 2000, in Georgetown, Guyana. I grew up as an only child. At the age of nine most consider me an adult due to my maturity and I latered moved to Queens, new york to live with my family, when he was fourteen years old.Even my own friends often annoyed me during my adolescent years. I had a lot of people who invested in me, and I excelled at most of my many and varied hobbies. I did well in school, often knowing how to do complex math problems before the concept had even been introduced to our class. Looking back, I’m sure I was quite smug, although I didn’t realize it at the time. Unfortunately, self-awareness wasn’t something I learned until many years later.


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