This article is about mayor Bob Filner of San Diego who voluntarily entered a behavior counseling clinic for two weeks

This article is about mayor Bob Filner of San Diego who voluntarily entered a behavior counseling clinic for two weeks. This is due to the recent allegations made against him regarding multiple cases of sexual harassment. Another woman has come forward to accuse Filner of unwanted sexual advances making her the tenth accuser. Filner openly acknowledged that his actions were wrong and that he needs some sort of help but claims there is more to the story and that the facts will prove that he’s not fully at fault. A former employee of Filner is the only accuser to have filed a sexual harassment suit against him.
When I read this article, I was completely disgusted by another man in power/ and or politics who was accused of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has been going on for many years and gone undetected. My hope is that due to this point in time due to technology advancement that sexual harassments stops due to the quick spread of allegations. As a result, these men are stripped down of their power and may even serve prison time. I believe that once accused of sexual harassment there is “no cure” or therapeutics that can cure one of sexual deviance.
I don’t understand why these men feel that they’re so powerful that it excuses them from the repercussions of their wrongdoing. I feel that these men honestly believe that because these accusers are just normal working women that the public won’t believe them. In the past two years there has been an uproar of women who are campaigning in a movement called the “Me too.” It has become an international movement against sexual harassment and that many women are bravely coming forward with their experience with an individual or individuals who sexual harassed them. On social media many victims used the hashtag “#MeToo” to spread the word as a part of awareness and to bring to light sexual harassment.
Harvey Weinstein is an example of a man who used his power of a film producer to manipulate actresses to consent to his advances. If done so he assured these women that they somehow would get the leading role or make it big in Hollywood because of him. At the same time, many of his victims unconsented to his advances and accused him of rape, sex abuse, and other sexual misconducts. Weinstein over the course of thirty years used his power to target and prey on women around him to repulsively please himself sexually. Women should feel safe in their workplace and/ or other environments and pre-cautionary measures should be administered to prevent sexual harassment.
In the book “We the People,” sexual harassment was recognized in 1986 by the Supreme Court in two forms. One form is “quid pro quo,” which an explicit threat that is implied and expected for something in return as a continued employment stipulation. The second form is amounts of continued intimidation and harassment that leads to an employee to quit due to the nature. In the same year the court said legal actions upon sexual harassment can be proceeded even if it didn’t affect their job and economic loss. To add, in 1993 psychological costs didn’t have to occur to have legal action taken.