There a lot of careers that I was interested but my favorite one so far is a hair stylist

There a lot of careers that I was interested but my favorite one so far is a hair stylist, the reason why is you can be creative with your clients hair and you can meet or be friends with your clients. Something that a hairstylist do is provide hair care services for men, women, and kids. Almost all hairstylists are able to cut, color, highlight, perm, and style hair, though there are some services such as (Keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout) but not offered by all stylists. This job is best for people who enjoy to travel a lot. Most product manufacturers and hairdressing organizations hold conferences, trainings, and shows internationally and you’re encouraged to take part in these events. Not only are they a chance to see the world, they’ll also give you the chance to learn more about how hairdressing works abroad, network with other hairdressers and see what trends and techniques are trending across the globe or if you like meeting new people.
Hairdressing is one of the most sociable jobs in the world. You’ll spend all day meeting people and making them feel amazing and when it comes to socialising within the industry, there’s no shortage of events either. Hairstylist works in many others place then you would expect. Well most hairstylists work from a salon, which is typically clean and well-lit. They may be an employee of the salon, or may rent space and work independently. Some resorts, cruise ships and hotels also employ hairdressers as a guest amenity. A limited number of hairstylists offer their services to the homebound, hospital patients or nursing home residents.
Hair stylists average payment are usually $26,460 per year, or $12.72 per hour. The lowest earners received less than a mean annual $16,710, while the highest paid earned more than $41,490 yearly. Stylists earn their wages by performing facial, scalp and hair treatments; recommending styling options; selling hair-care products; and receiving payments. They must keep their work areas clean and sanitize their tools, which include scissors, blow dryers, curling irons and hairbrushes. Those in business for themselves may need to perform administrative duties such as marketing, accounting and budgeting, and hire, supervise and motivate other stylists. Hair stylists change the world by cuts people’s hairs so that they can get a new look.


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