The word ‘commercialization’ means the process of managing or running something principally for financial gain

The word ‘commercialization’ means the process of managing or running something principally for financial gain (1). Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Basically, commercialization of education means the process of producing the new method and process of learning in such a way that has a relation with commerce. Commercialization of education is trend of decreasing emphasis on the humanities and increasing attention to the demand of the student s. It is a tendency which gives emphasis on to make education profitable as well as business oriented (2). Some part of our community are still confused and doubtful with the term “commercialization of education” because there are so many interpretations can be made. The existence of borderless education will have a huge impact on education in Malaysia. A number of new issues in educational institutions are also being addressed. One interesting issue to be discussed in this writing is the education commercialization Issue in Malaysia. It mainly materializes itself in mushrooming private schools, public and private universities and at the high education level. It has added a financial element to the qualifications of attending private schools and public and private universities. It has affected millions of individuals, and even the students and the society. As a result, it also changes the traditional perspectives and concepts of education in Malaysia that we already used to. Education is something that is always driven by devotion and thought in the former days.
Commercialization of education is not-really a new trend that has been introduced in the education sectors along the development of the country. The commercialization of education can be clearly seen with the increase in numbers of both local and private institutions. Educational issues have been seen as a very crucial issues in our community as the demand for knowledge is getting overwhelming. This privatization has introduced the financial element to the qualifications necessary for education, especially in regard to higher education. Commercialization of education requires structural adjustments that would fit with the Malaysian education systems and formats, shifts in accountability and reconceptualization of the education system. This commercialization has left many impacts on many households and therefore changes the whole concept of education, especially the main purposes of education, the student-teacher relationship, and the behavioural acts towards education. We witness the increased commercialization of the education.

Education has been seen as a medium for ones to gain knowledge and hone their skills by pursuing their studies to any local or private universities. Introducing education via commercialization to the public helps to give them the opportunity to gain knowledge that are useful to build their own career. They will be guided by experienced and qualified lecturers or educators with what they will learn regardless of what the courses might be. Different course requires different skills; the right person can help you to develop thorough understanding with what you have learned and what will you learn. A Chinese proverb says that learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Universities such as the knowledge that has been sought can be used and applied in the real-life practices. Thus, this will help you to prepare yourselves before entering the work-life. For example, if a person pursues his/her study at an engineering school, he/she would not only can apply the knowledge in the work-life but also at his/her daily life. Education should be commercialised to let people know the advantages of seeking for education for self-investment in the future.

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Commercializing education has provided employment opportunities to those who have a bachelor or any degree of qualification. With this country’s unstable economy, the people need to be wise in seeking livelihood so as not to be unemployed. Many private institutions offer various job oriented job oriented courses, various degrees, diplomas, certificate course etc. which help the students to engage in job (1). This also reduces the unemployment problem of the country (2). The problem of unemployment is no longer a cliche, coupled with a less favourable economic situation. Commercializing this education has helped us to find opportunities to build a career and finding the desired work. Nowadays many of the parties have commercialized education to give people the opportunity of job opportunities. It’s up to the person to look for the opportunity.

Business engagement in education has helped to facilitate the education institute in Malaysia. In this era of globalization, many people are already aware of business interests in certain aspects of their lives. Moreover, as universities are free to enter into corporate ties with variety of industries they can improve and upgrade their infrastructure through corporate funding (2). seeking funds to improve infrastructures at one’s university can be done by looking for sponsorship and not depending on much on government. Plus, they can use apply the knowledge of commerce in conducting activities that bring benefits to them. In the near future, the money can be used to purchase new learning equipment, improve the facility or save for emergency use. Generally, commercializing education has been a bit helping us to improve our lives.

Including the business and education together helps to develop one’s personality. The commercialization of education provides additional formal education to the students, other than the one that they have learned. For the personality development of the students they provide moral education which included the development commercialization skill, soft skill, how to maintain their physical health, to how face interview, how to with entrance examination how to adjust with the society etc. (3). As we all know, soft skill is very crucial as it is one of the aspect that all employers look for in seeking for employees. Soft skill includes those communication skill, work ethics and more that can be implied in the commercialization skill. Individuals who have a good personality and have a useful skill will be the attraction to the employers. In general, personality traits and personality can be constructed if the education element is linked together with the commercialization element.

Commercialization of education helps to face the global challenges of the world. The global challenges are as globalization, modernization, privatization, industrialization, information and communication technology, emergence of international knowledge network. Commercialization of education helps the students in acquiring appropriate knowledge about the advantages in technology. Emergence of international knowledge network, role of English language etc., commercialization of education helps the acquiring appropriate knowledge about the advantages in technology. The challenges, how to adopt it, how help etc. and it also provide demand for training that can be applied in the real word. For this number of institutions of education system have transformed this structures and curriculum to meet the new global challenges (4). The Malaysian education institutes themselves need to compete with the other countries’ education institute so that they will have almost-the-same standards in teaching-learning elements that are being implemented.
Commercialization of education emphasizes on the social development. For the development of the nation, social development is very necessary and crucial. In the private institution the students were provide the social education how to adjust with the society, knowledge of the various culture, knowledge about social interaction, provide knowledge to the students to preserve their culture, knowledge of the norms, cultural taboos, social customs etc. So commercialization of education helps in the social development and as it also provides education according to needs of the society nowadays. The commercialization’s in education provide appropriate opportunity to the students to build a relationship with the culture traditions, norms etc. Of the society. Through the education it is helpful for the child to develop the innate social qualities including socialization, social interaction, take participate in the program of the school etc. Commercializing education would probably benefit many parties.

Other than that, commercialization of education helps give attention on the development of professional efficiency of teachers. In the private institutions they appointed highly qualified teachers, smart teachers, and also provide proper training to the teachers for their professional development. This would help them to gain enough experience in teaching students so that the students of different parts came to the institution to education. The institution provide opportunity to develop to their professional efficiency through seminars, workshop, study circle, conference etc. Commercialization of education gives very much emphasis on professional as well as vocational development of the students. The advertisement made by the school and colleges such as coaching, diploma degree, vocational training, various professional and skill development courses etc. which help the students to get a background about these courses, and provide opportunity to develop their academic career. Due to the effect of provide E publishing which provide our freelance writers an opportunity to work from home, have unlimited income potential as a weekly basis. The research papers, essays, form papers as a guide for their own and each project we produce is designed to be an excellent example exactly how their own term paper.

As the counterattack, commercialization of education makes the education process as mechanical. It not follows the psychological principle. The children have given over burden curriculum. Changing the standard and the already-implemented system can be quite hard because the students already used to with the old one. Plus, the teachers were too engaged at all levels, they take all class, including remedial class, tutorial class, group discussions, seminars etc. This can also affect their health without our realization. The effect may not be that obvious but the fact is that is does affect ones’ health is so overrated. Which decreased the attention, motivation of the students towards learning? Very much repetition is there so that the teaching learning process becomes as mechanical as one. This institution wants to make the student good in all subjects’ areas in a short period of time, because they get a huge amount of money from the students for their development. So that they to maintain their standards. The teachers as well as the students were affected from this mechanical process. .
The commercialization in higher education is demonstrated as the damages it has given to academic standards, academic community, and academic prestige; the decrease in the importance given to basic researches which have no commercial value but is deadly important for scientific advancements; shaping of academic staff according to their skills of receiving funds from companies; the acceptance of low-standard students to universities and departing of student performance assessments from objectivity; causing the students to be deprived of social consciousness because of outweighing vocational courses; not being a good model of an institution, which is making concessions from its own moral principles, for its students and for the society morally; failure of researchers in studying the fields freely they are personally interested in; due to the justification of competition, concealment of the information being expected to be open for the society; objectivity loss of researches because of the private privilege of companies and accordingly the decrease in the prestige of universities in the public opinion, and the experience of conflicts between those who struggle for traditional academic duties and the academics spending most of time by tutoring/consultancy or similar activities.

Meanwhile, apart from the private sector, the government has also taken the initiative by introducing lifelong education (PSH). If PSH has been developed since its introduction in the country, it is increasingly based on the capacity of facility provision and the number of universities that offer PSO or open-ended study (ODL). So far, there are 12 private and tertiary institutions offering PSH and Open University Malaysia (OUM) courses amongst pioneering universities in providing PSH services. However, the development has not been in line with the scenario of student entry, especially among the workforce to seize higher education opportunities. What we see here is the success achieved by the government in introducing the move. But when we look at different divisions we will see that most of the bodies are profiting from the inclusion of students to the university. This is because most of the students who take lifelong education and long distance studies are those who work and those with money. From here we can see clearly that only those who are capable of being able to get what they want, and this can be likened to a business, where the potential buyers can buy what they want.
As a result of the establishment of high-tech infrastructure at the forefront, it is always a good idea to become a developed nation by the construction of the institution in excess and uncontrollably to bring on the disadvantages. This is because with the construction of a private institution indirectly requires a high cost to cover the cost of the construction. As a result, certain parties, especially those involved with the housekeeper, took the initiative by applying a high tuition fee for the entry of students into the private research institute. In addition, the high cost of education is also due to the use of foreign lecturers and their rental costs. The proceeds from the cost of the paid study will be handed over to the management or certain members of the corporation that operate the private institution. In this case the student will be regarded as a client to the two sides, one of which is the institution of the institution and the second party is the external party responsible for the institution. In other words, schools and businesses signed a contract. However, modern education as a market product offers a lot of newer and less traditional universities that position themselves as fresh and innovative alternative to the old institutes that are no longer at their the best. These new-born educational systems create significant competition to the traditional education and, consequently, contribute towards generating of natural competition and progress in modern education. One of the negative consequences of this competition is commercialization of the education and growing price for good name that will open doors to the career development.

In the end we can conclude that the development of any nations depends mainly on the standards of its educational system. We are living in a world of commercialization—everything has a price tag and conspicuous consumption appears to be the way of the western world. The media and politicians remind us that our educational system must prepare our students to be competitive in a global economy. To discuss commercialization in education, we must place it in the current social and economic context. Without privatization commercialization cannot take place. Education is to bring out the potential in a learner by providing the leaner the most congenial physical and social environment to help him realize his fullest potential. Education on the other hand is an industry and its commercialization is here to stay. At the end we can say that for these people education has today become on option to make money than providing quality education to students. Commercializing education acts as a way to give chances to youngsters to gain proper education that is following the latest format and system. It is a powerful instrument of nation’s social economic and cultural development. There reforms envisage the withdrawal of state from its social obligations once for all. Thus, each country should decide that can be constructively introduced in their socio-economic and educational system.


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