The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War (the American War to the Vietnamese) started in November 1, 1955 and ended on April 30, 1975 after President Nixon signed a document to stop the war in 1973 and the war ended 2 years later. The deaths were light on our end, but the Vietnamese got hit hard. Only about 60,000 Americans died while over 200,000 Vietnamese died! .The war took place in alot of places like in Southeast Asia, east of Thailand, and the south of China,(which was known as Indochina at the time), Laos, and Cambodia. The reason why the war started was because most of the countries they were trading with became communist after the Cold War and that prevented them from trading. They did not want this to happen to South Vietnam, so President Johnson deployed troops after Congress passes The Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution in 1964 to prevent that, and because of that, The war was created faster than the speed of light (not quite literally)


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