The title of the project is The Proposed of Construction and Completion of Institut Aminuddin Baki

The title of the project is The Proposed of Construction and Completion of Institut Aminuddin Baki (IAB), which is located at Mukim Labu, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. This project is for Ministry Education of Malaysia (KPM). IAB project comprises of 2 Phase of Works where Phase 1 is about Earthworks and Phase 2 is about Building Works, Infrastructure and External Works.
The scope of works under this contract generally comprises the following:
i. Foundation and piling works
ii. Building works including
a) Administration Building
b) Participants’ Residence (Block B1-B5)
c) Participants’ Residence (Block C1-C5)
d) Dining hall and Participants’ Facility
e) Staff Residence Class A
f) Data Centre ICT
g) Mechanical and Electrical Block
h) Guard House
i) TNB Substation Double Chamber
j) Refuse Chamber
k) Infrastructure and External Works
Another works included in this contract are installations and testing of sanitary and plumbing, electrical, communication, air-conditioning and fire-fighting installations. While infrastructure works comprises of site preparation and earthworks, drainage, sewerage, roadworks, water reticulation and landscape works.
The contract period of this project is 80 weeks which commenced on 28th August 2009 and supposed to end at 11th March 2011. However, due to the three time of extension of time (E.O.T.), the project was extended and is said to complete on 10th September 2012 which is 18 months late from the original date of completion.

Title Of Project Proposed Of Construction And Completion Of Institut Aminuddin Baki (Iab), Mukim Labu, Negeri Sembilan.

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Phase 2: Building, Infrastructure, And External Works
Client Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia
Contractor’s Name Global Globe (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Contract No. KP/BP/PEM/133/2009
Date of Site Possession 28-August-2009
Date of Completion 11-March-2011
Extended Date of Completion
E.O.T. NO. 1
E.O.T. NO. 2
E.O.T. NO. 3
Contract Period 80 Weeks
Contract Sum RM 110,000,000.00
Builder’s Works RM 75,437,166.00
Provisional Sum RM 34,562,834.00
Advance Payment –
L.A.D. RM 20,350.00/day
Defect Liability Period 12 Months
Performance Bond RM 5,500,000.00 (Retention Sum)


Figure 5: Khalid Johari Architects’ logo (Source: Google)
Khalid Johari Architect were appointed as the architect for this project. As we know that, Architect is a person who plans, designs and runs the construction stage. Roles of an Architect in construction industry involved from before construction, during construction until after construction. Architect’s responsibilities are not only related to design and structure of the building but beyond than that. Several roles of Architect as follows:
• During the early stage, the Architect need to carry out feasibility studies to determine the feasibility of the client’s requirements, review with the client alternative design and construction approaches.
• Architect is responsible in advising the client on the appointment of the contractor and on the responsibilities of the client contractor and architect under the terms of the building contract and in providing production information as required by the building contract.
• Architect need to ensure that the architectural installations are accordance to the approved the contract documents and specifications.
• In terms of safety towards the occupants of the building, the Architect shall construct the building according to the building codes, fire regulations and others. Therefore, as the designer, Architect shall have knowledge to ensure their design matches current building structure.

Figure 6: Perunding Hashim ; NEH Sdn. Bhd. Logo (Source: Google)
Perunding Hashim ; NEH Sdn. Bhd. were selected as Mechanical and Electrical (M;E) Engineer for this project. The roles of M;E Engineers are as following:
• Mechanical site engineer supervise all installations of machines and equipment at site in ensuring fulfilment of industry standards and requirements.
• Mechanical and Electrical Engineer manages the M;E works such as installation of green building technologies, lighting, sir-conditioning, mechanical ventilation and others in buildings and infrastructure construction.
• M;E Engineers were responsible to manage the Contractors and Workers to complete the M;E works within the given budget and timeline.
• They provide advice on the problems and solutions of M;E nature.
• M;E Engineers help in prepare of the work progress reports for Clients and Project Manager in the M;E Works.
• The role of an electrical engineer is to survey the site and manage the design and construction of electrical systems so that they comply with the necessary codes.
• Electrical engineer facilitates as part of the team and provides technical advice within their area of expertise.
• At the end of the project, the electrical engineer s responsible to make sure that all codes are accordance to the requirements and specifications.

Figure 7: SSI Consulting Engineers Logo (Source: Google)
For each project, practically to own Structural and Civil Engineers is a must. Therefore, for this IAB project, SSI Consulting Engineers were selected as the Structural and Civil Engineers. The roles of Structural and Civil Engineers are:
• Providing proper and safe designs and have responsibilities to ensure the public safety in their designs.
• Structural engineer acts as a crucial party that works together with design team that help in develop and maintain the framework of the structures.
• Since this particular project were constructed on the palm oil plantation, SSI Consulting Engineer were concerned with buildings that can withstand the environmental conditions.
• During construction, the structural engineer will supervise the design work and review the shop drawings for the structural members and materials that will used for the construction.

Figure 8: Jurukur Bahan Maju Bina Sdn. Bhd. Logo (Source: Google)
Quantity Surveyor also one of the crucial party that have big responsibilities from before construction until the completion and hand over the project to the Client. Quantity Surveyor is the person responsible for figuring out how much the construction cost is going to cost. Their roles are to make sure that construction costs and production are managed efficiently. Jurukur Bahan Maju Bina Sdn. Bhd. has been selected as the Quantity Surveying Consultant, and their main roles are:
• JBMBSB were responsible in calculating a budget based on the client’s requirements where they prepare detailed estimates to ensure the allocation of budget is enough for each stage of the construction.
• On the early stage, JBMBSB give hand in the feasibility studies in terms of roughly estimate what is involved in the project, based on measurements of the designer’s or client’s ideas.
• Besides, Quantity Surveyor involved in the cost plan which help the design team stay within the project budget using practical solutions where also known as value engineering.
• During construction, Quantity Surveyor acts as medium in resolving any disputes arise between clients, designer and contractor.
• Quantity Surveyor also involved in financial post contract management including progress payment valuations, regular reporting of expenditure and final account.

No. Description Name and Address


Suite 10.01, Block B,
Phileo Damansara,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +60376651151
Fax: +60376651150

Plaza Mont Kiara,
2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60362018836
Fax: +60362018809

305, Level 2, Block C,
Glomac Business Centre,
No. 10, Jalan SS 6/1, Kelana Jaya.
Tel: +6077807390
Fax: +60378807910

No. 588, Jalan Samudra Utara 2,
Taman Samudra, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +60361878213
Fax: +60361879213


As well as Consultants, in construction Contractor also acts as the main party in order to ensure the construction works will be carried out properly. And in this particular project, the Main Contractor is Global Globe (M) Sdn. Bhd.
During the pre-construction stage, the duty of the Contractor are including to procure all sub-contracts, material suppliers, services and rental of the plants and equipment. On this phase, the Contractor shall provide adequate, skilled and knowledgeable site supervisor. In addition, the Contractor are needed to consult with all subcontractors and materials suppliers for the availability of labour and materials.
While on the construction stage, as we know that, quality-time and cost are the crucial factors in construction in order to get successful project. So basically, the contractor’s roles is to construct the construction works accordance to the designer’s plans and all the requirements of the approved specifications. And at the same time within the time and agreed budget as mentioned in the contract. However, the Contractor shall prioritized the quality of the works and the safety of the workers.
Moreover, on this phase, the Contractor shall coordinate, supervise and do inspection all works to ensure the works are aligned with all the requirements of the approved plans, specifications, building codes and ordinances and building standards. In addition, the Contractor shall conduct weekly progress meetings with the consultants, architects and owner in order to update the progress of the works, where, this helps in preventing any problems arises or any miscommunications in instructions.
Last but not least, Contractors are responsible on planning how the project will be carried out and completing the construction works in manner accordance to the laws, rules and regulations. Which means, to avoid any problems and delay in construction for instance.
This project is a well-known as Government’s Project. Therefore, Public Work Department (PWD) 203A type of contract is being used and using open tender for tendering method. PWD 203A Contract form is a traditional forms of contract based on Bills of Quantities (BQ) formed for the use in the government projects in both building and civil engineering contracts. Generally, it can be said that most of the risks have been transferred to the Contractor under these standard form of contract.
Basically, construction works dealing with nature, being large-scaled, complex and long term especially in civil engineering works. Therefore, the owner of the project, may not want the contractor, Global Globe (M) Sdn. Bhd. to take risk for the upcoming uncertainties because the contract price would be higher due to the possibilities for the risks which may or may not be realized.
Therefore, in order to overcome for such uncertainties or risks, construction contracts is provided for amendments for any changes. For this reason, construction contracts acts as a mechanism for the owner of the project, to enable him to do so without being breach of contract. For instance in terms of variation as mentioned in Clause 24(b), PWD 203A (Rev. 10/83).
Literally, in standards forms of construction contracts, the provision regarding to the “Liquidated and Ascertained Damages” is available in order to express as a certain sum payable for each day, or week or part of week due to the practical completion is delayed. Liquidated and Ascertained Damages also known as LAD which it provide advantages towards the Employer in order to recover damages for late completion. As for this project, the Global Globe (M) Sd. Bhd. will be imposed LAD rate, RM 20,350.00 per day if they late in completing their works.

As we know that, in construction industry, there are numerous challenges arises since we are dealing with varieties of people and due to the level of the complexity of the projects. And the problems and risks come from various aspects. According to the QS involved in this IAB project, I was mentioned that, there are several problems arise during the construction stage which gave impact towards the work progress.
• Physical performance:
Construction of IAB Bandar Enstek divided into 2 phase which are Phase 1 is about earthworks, while Phase 2 is related to the building works, infrastructure and external woks. Earthworks started on 11th February 2008 and expected to be completed on 11th August 2008, which estimated to be completed with 6 months or 180 days. However, this project failed to complete according to the original date and has been extended 2 time of the Extension of Time (EOT) for 266 days and expected to be completed on May 5, 2009. The major reason for the EOT due to delay in completing pond 7 built by Contractor and other packages which lead to delay in commencing works for ponds 5 and 6.

Meanwhile, site possession Phase 2 on 28th August 2009 and expected to be completed on 12th March 2011, which is estimated to be completed within 80 weeks has received 3 EOT for 549 days and can only be completed on 10th September 2012. The reason for extension in Phase 2 is due to the delay in submission of Mechanical and Electrical Contracts comprised of roof design changes and the sewerage and gross pollutant trap works at Block B2 and B3 where cannot be carried out as slope repair works and riverside by third parties have not been implemented. The details are as in Table 1 in Appendix.

To summarized, performance for both Phase 1 and 2 are unsatisfied since the completion of the project late for 815 days compared to the original period of 740 days.

Basically, contractual problems arises due to certain parties in the project are not reaching agreements within the contract.
As for this particular project, the issue here is the claimed from Global Globe (M) Sdn. Bhd. regarding to the:
i. Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) No. 32 (Penultimate No. 3),
RM 3,472,993.38
ii. Releasing of Wang Jaminan Perlaksanaan (WJP) for RM 2,750,000.00 under IAB Project
Based on the result from the meeting on 18th August 2017, Jurukur Bahan Maju Bina Sdn. Bhd. (JBMBSB), as the consultant respond regarding to the issue. The amount certified in IPC No. 32 by JBMBSB is RM 725,045.00, which RM 595,135.00 for Main Contractor and RM 129,910.00 for Nominated Sub-Contractor (NSC). However, JBMBSB were informed by the KPM, only payment to the NSC will be approved and certified. Since, Global Globe (M) Sdn. Bhd. have to pay debt with the Government for another project which is Project SMK Mastiara where were also awarded to the Global Globe (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Next, Performance Bond is a guarantee that need to be provided by the Contractor as a guarantee to protect the Employer and to ensure that the Contractor will commence their Works properly. However, according to Clause 13.2, PWD 203A, Wang Jaminan Perlaksanaan (WJP) will be used as an alternative in providing Performance Bond if the Contractor fail to provide Performance Bond in the form of bank guarantee. Where, in deductions of 10% through the interim payments until the total amount deducted to a sum equivalent to 5% of Contract Sum.
On this particular project, the Contractor claimed amount of RM 2,750,000.00 from the remaining 50% of WJP, but, accordance to Clause 13.5, PWD 203A, any balance or remaining of the Contractor only be released or refund to the Contractor after the issuance of Certificate of Completion of Making Good Defects (CMGD). Since, there is no issuance of CMGD yet, therefore, the remaining 50% of the WJP cannot be claimed.
Generally, the analysis has been made according to all information obtained. In construction, all parties involved like the Owner, the Contractor, and the Consultants play crucial roles in order to make the construction works will be carried out smoothly from the initial stage until the hand-over of the facilities to the Owner.
The serious issue arise during the construction of this project is delay in completion. Where, this is the Contractor’s responsible to ensure that the works commenced and completed on time. The Contractor shall have good work programme in order to avoid any delay during the construction. But, the Consultant team also need to provide the document on time in order to ensure the Contractor will commence their works on time as well. Since due to delay in submission document from Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, the Contractor cannot proceed their works.
From the perspective of design team, I think the architect that has been selected are not have enough experience as there are several mistakes

My position as in internship trainee in Jurukur Bahan Maju Bina Sdn. Bhd. is a Technical Assistant (TA), which mainly exposed me towards the management side of Quantity Surveying. Overall, internship is a really good program and recommended to fellow students. It helps to enhance and develop my skills, abilities and knowledge. It was a good experience and memories not only I have gained experience, but also new friends and knowledge.
In addition, Jurukur Bahan Maju Bina also a good firm to do the internship since it provide numerous benefits and advantages to the practical trainees. The treatment by the company was just, equitable and professional. I have learned from different units and people, from the director, my Supervisor to the staffs. I am thankful to the organization for the experiences and tutoring. They also help me to handle some of my weakness and provided guidance to me wherever I need. I think 18 weeks duration for the internship was not enough for me to learn more in details. To summarized, internship help students to identify our strength, abilities, weakness and more.
There were several skills and experience I have gained including understanding better the measurement of building works, regarding to the quotation price which I have chances to know how to obtain quotation for materials. At the same time, have to know how works are being priced and also how rates are calculated for use in the Bills of Quantities (BQ). Having discussion with the Director, Sr Azhari Idris, for me was such a good opportunities in discussing and sharing opinions regarding to the roles of QS in real life.

1. Contract documents of:
Proposed Of Construction and Completion of Institut Aminuddin Baki (Iab), Mukim Labu, Negeri Sembilan
Phase 2: Building Works, Infrastructure and External Works
2. Director of JBMBSB, Sr. Azhari Bin Idris
3. Senior Quantity Surveying, Rj. Norlediayawati Bt. Tuan Soh
4. JKR PWD 203A Form


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