The second competency is teamwork

The second competency is teamwork. In one organization, it is important to understand that each employee contributes to the overall success of the organization. Teamwork at work is encouraged as it allows for increased skills among employees. There are several people in the team and intentionally knowingly or unknowingly, team members will continue to learn from each other’s knowledge and thereby increase their own knowledge, skills, and abilities. LPPKN staffs are good at teamwork when doing all works. For example, when we have a program with students from school or university, we prepare and get ready for all things together, we arrange all the things together, and we also clean everything together. Teamwork helps us complete our task right on time.
Meanwhile, teamwork also can resolve tasks and solve problems faster than individuals. Two heads are better than one, and this is especially true when doing work. The team is more capable of producing the most creative idea, innovations and solutions to problems. This also can encourage them to express their ideas and opinions. For example, when we want to do a program suddenly we have a problem with participants then we will be having a meeting to know whether they have ideas or solutions what we are going to do to solve the problems. From this, our job will be easier and complete on time because sometimes the ideas that the team provides are enough. In teamwork, they should accept any ideas or solutions that the team give.
When they have been assigned a task that must be in a group, this will be easy for them in completing their works because teamwork also can develop strong relationships with co-workers. This helps them communicate openly and motivate each other to work with their strengths and talents, which is the key to success for an organization. Usually, being part of a team allows members to build trust and share strong bonds with one another, creating an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable trying new ways of doing things and asking questions about what they do not understand in their works.
Furthermore, when working in one organization, they are working towards the same goal and the workload is shared among employees. Tasks should be shared and distributed according to the strength of each employee. Teamwork shared their difficulties and workload together. They will help other members when they have completed their workload. Assigning the task to the right person will ensure efficiency and excellence productivity. This will help worker free from stress and completing work on time. (Why Teamwork is Important in the Workplace, 2014)


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