The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost In stanza one

The Road Not Taken
By Robert Frost

In stanza one, the speaker said that there are two paths that leads to two roads in the woods which are yellow, he couldn’t travel both because he was alone by himself and he felt bad that he couldn’t travel both, he looks as far as he could where the raid has bent. In stanza two the speaker said that the other path was appalling to him and was grassier so he picked it but at the end both were the same. In stanza three the poet realized in the morning that both paths were equally the same and one that no one step it in which was black, and he kept knowing that one road could lead to another way and he was doting that he could go another day. Last but not least in stanza four the reader wants to know what does the poet mean by sigh, the readers of this poem will be for generations to come for the two roads that are different and he will take the road that no one took and that might make some difference.

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The main idea that the poet wants to convey to his audience is that life has so many choices and your choice will lead you to your destination or path for example; if you work and study hared you will be in higher position and if you choose to stay home and not work you will be in a low position. The reader knows that because in stanza one he wrote two rode diverged that means he is taking about two roads.

One line in the poem that affected the reader was “two roads diverged in a yellow wood”. The reader liked it because it’s the most that made more sense because of the simple language which makes it easy to understand. A second line in the poem that the reader liked is “And both that morning equally lay”. The reader liked it because he could understand that at the end both of the two roads were the same and also the reader realized that you can’t judge anything by the way it looks because that the end it might be different than what you actually see.

Reading this poem could help the reader in the future in several ways. For example, the lesson that it taught by this poem is that you should not stress over decisions, the poem is teaching us that most decisions that we think are really important are actually meaningless, the poem might help the reader to understand ad learn more about pomes and the meaning behind them.


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