The power of music Have you ever listened to music and noticed that your mood had changed

The power of music
Have you ever listened to music and noticed that your mood had changed? Well you are not alone. That’s a normal effect people get by listening to music. But how people react to different sounds and songs may vary from person to person. A reason might be that people can associate different sounds and songs with different memories. Some might find rock music happy and funny because they associate it with the memory that they always have a great time at rock concerts. While others might find rock music annoying and aggressive because their neighbor that listens to rock always cranks up the music volume to max att nights. But music is also capable of affecting more than just your mood. Music is actually so strong that it can even affect you physically and mentally.
An experiment conducted by the Royal Society of Medicine was held 2001 to see if listening to Mozart really made you more intelligent as many people suggested. The experiment showed that listening to Mozart for around 10-15 minutes could induce a short term improvement in different mental tasks. The participants that listened to Mozarts music before an IQ-test could therefore score up too 8-9 points higher than those who did not listen to any of the Mozart songs. The researchers proved however that listening to classical music could not improve your overall intelligence as many people suggested.
But playing music yourself could however


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