The person that I interviewed last Saturday is Refana

The person that I interviewed last Saturday is Refana, she is a Japanese language teacher that works at Tinta Emas Vocational High School in East Bekasi. Among the things that caught me to interview her are she is the figure for me to be a teacher, she is the person who close to me so I can enjoy interviewing her, and she has ever got the certificate of The Most Favorite Teacher in her school where she works.
During the interview Refana was very kind and gentle, once in a while we laugh together. We got along in a great way. The interview allowed me to get to know about her personal life start from question where and when she was born until question about what she reacts to a big tragedy that had ever happened.
She was born in Bekasi on Valentine’s Day at 14th of February, 1995. She grew up in Bekasi. She went to school form elementary until senior high school in Bekasi. But lucky her, she could continue her higher study in Jakarta; State University of Jakarta. She took Japanese language education.
I wonder what inspired her to become a Japanese language teacher. So, I asked her what was her favorite subject to study, “My favorite subject is Japanese language. And of course, that’s why I become a Japanese language teacher.” And I asked deeply about is there a teacher that perhaps she remembers having been particularly influential her answer was: “Yes, she was Mrs. Ari, the teacher in my senior high school. She taught Japanese language. And she was the one that guided me to the career I have right now.” After hearing them answers I was so amazed how teacher could make her/his students found their passion that guides them to be a person they want to be. It makes me sure what could I do next in my future life, could I be a teacher that can guide my student to the bright future. I confidently say yes, I could.
I also asked her about another people in her life start from who was the most influential person to her as a child her answer was: “I think it was my mom because she gave and supported me everything.” Most of people would say the same. Mother is their superwomen in their life. The person who gave a birth to us, breast fed us, taught us how to walk and speak, took us around, bought us ice cream, cooked us a birthday cake, did storytelling, sang us lullabies, and many things mother did to us. Mother is our lovely person in our life. After talking about mother; one of the people in her life. I asked her about her best friend that perhaps still in touch with her, her immediate answer was: “Yes, I am still in touch with them. Intyas and Inggit.” They are her high school best friends. Asking her about best friend reminded me to my best friend. I have four best friends. But since we continue our study we are about separate from distance one and another. I hope we could finish our study as soon as possible so we could be together again.
To me the interview was clear and sincere. Refana is a straight up person that talks in a direct from about every subject. As I already said before she attended a collage; the State University of Jakarta. I was so curious about what on-campus activities did she participate in, “I participated in Student Association.” I said It was great consider to what time we only have. She was so amazing that she could manage time, what time she should study, what time she should clean her house, out of what she did on campus that must be made her a busy person. She could keep her body health. For the persons who have so many activities should keep their body fit because if they could not keep their body fit they could easy to get sick. And the worst thing for busy persons is when they get sick, they could not handle everything so their works would be chaotic.
She told me about her job. When I asked what was her first job her immediate answer was: “My first job was as a part-timer in a department store.” She worked when she got holiday for about three months. She expressed that she did not want to spend her time with nothing. So, in her holiday time, she used her time to make money. Even though this was the worst job that she had ever made money on. When I asked what was your worst job her immediate answer was: “Oh, it was when I was a part-timer and I was not paid well.” Actually, it broke my heart when I heard the answer about she was not paid well. She spent her time to make money, she suffered her holiday time to that job, but the job disappointed her. How rude it could be. Amazingly, I saw she answered that question without showing any disappointment. She smiled and relieved. She really showed a figure.
There was no reason why she got certificate of the Most Favorite Teacher. Refana’s personality was kind and humble. She is really a figure of teacher to me. not only kind in teacher way but she really loves her family. When I asked what does the word family mean to her, she answered “Everything, they are my everything”. No wonder how successful she is now. That is why because her family who was treated well. She has two siblings; one older brother and younger sister.
And this was the part when we laughed together. It was about love. “Zenzen shinjiteinai.” How rude she could be spoke with Japanese language when she knew I could not speak with that language. When I asked does she believe in love at first sight, she said that she did not believe to love at first sight; really don’t believe it. Then I continued to ask what about who was her first love her answer was: “Umm, actually, I am in relationship with my first love. He was my classmate during in college.” This one was got me in tear how could she got his first love and studied at the same time like I can not even do my home work if there is someone who texts me. The time managing’s her was very marvelous.
I knew it was very cool to have somebody besides you. So, when something happens unexpected, there is someone who helps you to keep your head up and your heart strong. And I thought it was the reason why Refana decides to have a relationship trough his collage life. I wish I had a great managing time so I brave enough starting to find my first love. It was amazing to look at their relationship that long last consider to how long it has been starting. It was about five years since they were in the same class in the first semester. I knew how easy someone to fall in love with her. The way she talks, the way she cares, the way she follows the directions, or anything that she does is admirable.
When I asked about what happiness is, I thought she would answer that her happiness is the time that she spends with her boyfriend. But I was wrong, her answer was: “My happiness is my family.” To spend her time with family Is the happiness means for her. Back to the time when she told me what word family mean to her she said family is everything. Of course, her happiness is her family. So, at that time, I asked her what her happiest memory is and her answer was: “It was when my first nephew was born.” This one is the sweetest answer I have ever heard. Perhaps, there is no baby in her family so when her brother got married and his wife gave a birth it was a very beautiful moment. Also, it was the happiest memory. It was the happiest memory because baby’s crying, baby’s laughing, baby’s smile, baby’s eyes, baby’s little arms, baby’s little body, baby’s red rose cheeks, baby’s hair, baby’s smell, and anything around baby seems bright. I know how happy Refana to see a baby; her nephew.
I really enjoyed the interview. She is very open. She is a very simple person with a million kindness. She has a strong heart and she is a hard worker person. She loves everything beautiful and peace. She does not have any interest to a political cause. I knew it when I asked which political figure does she most admire her answer was: “Maybe the president we have right now.” The word “maybe” that she said make me think that she does not have any interest to any of political life. Also, when I asked about has she ever fought for a political cause, she answered with no.
In the last interview, I questioned Refana where were she and how did she react to Sept.11 her answer was: “I was in kindergarten. And I was too young to react to that tragedy.” It was true consider to the time when the tragedy had happened.
I am very glad to have performed this interview because now I see things related to this matter from a very different perspective then than the one I had before.


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