The music is slow and quiet

The music is slow and quiet, but when Mal turns her head to see Ariadne, a sudden dissonant screech is heard. In the last level, Nolan effectively uses silence, lowkey lighting and mise en scene of a room messy with broken furniture to create tension before speaking to Mal. We then see a close up of Ariadne’s face conveying nervous emotions. As Mal circles around Ariadne, music with high pitched string instruments coupled with a low angle point of view shot on Mal gives Mal a sense that she is powerful and unpredictable as to what she will do next. Through dialogue, we learn that Mal is bitter about being “half of a whole” which illustrates what Cobb is feeling deep inside of him. Cobb then comes in and rushes back into the elevator before we see Mal psychopathically shriek they were supposed to “be together”


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