The main for points that would be included in a contract of employment

The main for points that would be included in a contract of employment, and mentioning my job contract as an example, are:

• Parties entering in a contract – employer’s name (either as physical person or either as company) and employee’s name (so that both parts are designated). For example: “Carolia Tower Hotel Limited “and “Maria de Mendonca Morgado”.

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• Date of commencement of employment: September 25, 2017.
• Job title, place of work and main duties (this might include a summarised description of the leading responsibilities that the employee must assume while on duty): “You are employed as Receptionist and your normal place of work will be DoubleTree by Hilton, London ? Tower of London. We ask that you agree to devote the whole of your working time and attention to your role, and the wider business and affairs of the Company.”.
• Salary and hours of work (regardless the type of job offered – full time, part time or 0 hours contract, this still has to be cited in the document): “Your base hours are 40 per week, these hours can be flexed over the working calendar month according to business demands. (…) Your commencing hourly rate will be £7.50 gross, which will be subject to deductions for tax and National Insurance contributions.”.

NOTE: All the examples quoted above were retrieved from my own job contract with Doubletree by Hilton, London – Tower of London, on the 3r of June 2018.


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