The divergent trilogy is about a future concept that plays off 200 years in the future in Chicago

The divergent trilogy is about a future concept that plays off 200 years in the future in
Chicago. All the citizens live and serve the city in five different factions. Each faction
is based on aptitudes and values a person have, when you reach a certain age, you
can choose the faction you want to serve in. The five factions are: Dauntless (brave)
responsible for security, Amity (kindness) responsible for farming, Erudite
(intellectual) scientists, teachers, doctors, Abnegation (selfless) responsible for
leading and caretaking, Candor (honesty) responsible for law.
The first book is about the main character’s (Tris) faction choice and how she is has
an aptitude for more than one faction (thus being divergent), where most citizens
only have one.
The second book is about the challenges the main character (Tris and Four) has to
face with being divergent and unlocking a message that one of the elders left for
The third book, the main characters go to search for other people outside of Chicago
after learning about their purpose of being in Chicago. Outside of Chicago (mostly
waste lands after all the wars), they learn that Chicago is part of a government
experiment to try and restore humanities damaged genetics, after the government
tried to alter people’s genetics to conform. Tris being divergent have pure genetics,
genetics as it should be.
This trilogy is based in the future and handles the governmental or leader issues in
Chicago and the issues regarding the government of America. The Chicago
government wanting people to conform and obey and the American government
doing experiments on people to also conform people.


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