The day was cold

The day was cold, dark,and dreary. Then the most curious object of all was a gentle rain began to fall. It rained and rained and rained. The average fall was well maintained, and the tracks on the floor were covered with deep clear droplets. After of half an hour more, Samuel had a most refreshed shower. He folded his hands and waited under the willow tree. Nor care for wind, nor rain, nor dark as he waited be picked up. His hair is wet, his clothes, he couldn’t be much wetter. Samuel fell into a pool once, but this is even better!
He waited and waited for minutes, for hours but all he had was silence of the absence of his mother. Then it was 7:45 pm, a wondrous light tilt at Samuel’s direction. The light burst into his eyes as the rain came pondered onto him. Walked towards the light he could see the red toyota, the sounds when it roars, bumpers look like frowns or smiles. Once Samuel opened the door, black leather appears to came off the line and ready to put on the seats. It smells like bottled up beer that has been inhaled around the car, it comes out of his mother’s mouth.
Samuel’s mother apologized to him so kindly that he didn’t recognize if she was even her mom as the way she spoked. His mom tried to be nice when she said, ” I’m so sorry to come to pick you up late, I barely got off from work like 20 minutes ago” as she acted to feel bad for him and believed it was her fault when she did not arrived early for him. Samuel didn’t care what why his mom came late because he didn’t wanted to hear the fuss that she would make, he simply ignored her. Samuel was one step closer, one inch further, to absolute madness with his mom. He shakes with anger, yet none comes out. His brain boiled with words unspoken, his nails digged into his skin. Soon he calmed himself, but wasn’t gonna talk to his mother.
She won’t break, nobody will never cut her off from one drink. It’s her drug, and now she gets how the addiction can relapse. One drink of its beauty, one trace of its aura, coursed through her veins. She will drink it, ounce by ounce, until her life was in shambles because soberness is for those who want to get better, but all she wants is to get worse. She never worried to pick up her son who standed all day in the rain, soaked. She has infected him with her sick bent twisted ideas to go everyday at a bar for alcohol when she comes out of her job.
While in the Hastings St. Road, Samuel thought about how he couldn’t bare to be with a mother that is half-drunk and drove into the highway. She didn’t say one word in the car while she droved neither did Samuel. There was a silence between them through the highway. They weren’t stopped by the police through the whole drive that gave Samuel a good sense of relief. He got out the car, didn’t budge to assist his mom as she begged him to help her get out of the car because she felt her head spinned in circles.


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