The Coca-Cola is basically the producer of the soft drink and provide its services to the customers in the entire world

The Coca-Cola is basically the producer of the soft drink and provide its services to the customers in the entire world. The company makes effort to make use of the best technology, follow strict rules and also provides the special attention to the demand of the customers. The company is considered valuable and great in the well famous brand of the world. The PESTLE analysis of the company is as below:
Political Factors: All the products that are supplied by the company are due to FDA. That is why Coca Cola is following are the rules as well as regulations that are provided by the government in order to provide the beverages to the stores. There are a lot of laws that were applied to the company that becomes the reason to provide safety to the Coca-Cola in the distribution of the soft drinks. In this way, internal marketing, accounting, taxes, changes in the labor law become the reason for providing many effects to the company.
Economic Factors: The supply of the Coca-Cola is made approximately in all over the world. It is a fact that different countries have much diversity in their culture, desires, customs as well as tastes. The company is much efficient in altering its ways as well as handling its products with the help of bringing new taste and flavors in the market in order to provide the accommodation to different types of the customers. The company of soft drink has almost justice of worth $80 billion. Approximately 70% of the income source of Coca-Cola is out of United States. On the other hand, now individuals are becoming more aware and they started to search for some healthy alternates of the soft drinks. This is the major reason that Coca-Cola also started to look in such types of the directions.
Social Factors: Most of the drinks of the Coca-Cola are consumed by the urban areas where the opportunity exists to cater the demand of the individuals. In Japan, Coca-Cola brought over more than 30 different flavors in order to catch the attention of the customers of Japan. Such type of efforts is also made for the people of China. In the United States, people are focusing more towards their health. They are trying to adopt simple water instead of sugary drinks for the sake of better health. That is why it becomes necessary for the Coca-Cola to make effort for the creation of new products that are suitable and healthy to use.
Technological Factors: Technology is considered one of the major factors in making the analysis of the industry. In the same way, the Coca-Cola that is a beverages company is in the need of the machinery that should be excellent and provide help in the better manufacturing of the products in better quality as well as in high quantity. The factories of the Coca-Cola that are located in Britain have the best machinery that has the ability to make the thing sure that company has the ability to deliver its products on time.
On the other hand, in order to promote its products, the company is making use of the social media that provide help to the company for running advertisement and also provide the source of connection with the customers. The naming campaign of the company had been very successful as the customer takes the pictures of the bottles that contain their name. Such pictures trended on the social media like Facebook and Twitter and also provide help to promote the sale of the organization.
Legal Factors: The legal aspects of the analysis provide the attention to the legislative effects. The Coca-Cola Company is the licensed company and also has all the rights in products as well as business development. All the products of the company are licensed as well as also approved by the legislation. On the other hand, the other factors like cast and creed as well as many other factors are considered before the launch of the products. The Coca-Cola also hold all the rights to its business in which all the past as well as future products that are manufactured with the process of the patented.
Environmental Factors: The major thing that provides much effect to the company is the availability of the water. It is a fact that water is one of the essential products for the production of any soft drink. The change in climate also provides the influence to the industry of the beverages and these environmental factors also provide the influence to the competitors like Pepsi. The reason behind it is that the most of the products of the Coca-Cola are usually soft drinks and the issue of the accessibility of the water becomes the reason for the loss of the company.
All these events have the power to provide the influence to the performance of the Coca-Cola as the company has to face different political factors, economic factors, social factors, technological factors, legal factors and environmental factors that can provide the expected performance of the Coca-Cola. It is necessary for the company to acquire such marketing strategies It is necessary for the company to acquire such marketing strategies that should be according to the changing business environment. As water scarcity is one of the problems that may create much trouble in long-term particularly in the countries where the manufacturing plant is located. It is very difficult for the Coca-Cola Company to manage it. However, the company should make efforts to leads its business towards the products that should be healthier with low calories


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