The battle between the two opposite

The battle between the two opposite, clashing energies of civilization and savagery that is in all humans, is a perfect storm strong enough to divide anything. We display civilization in ways like peoples impulses to follow the rules, and acting non violent; but we also display savagery in ways like using violence or fear to obtain power or impose one’s wishes. Throughout the novel “Lord of the Flies”, Golding affiliates civilization and savagery with the vast idea of good and evil, with savagery exhibiting evil and civilization representing the good.

Jack and Ralph’s fighting for power and contradicting one anothers leadership results in the tribe splitting each fixed on becoming the top dog. In Macbeth they chant “fair is foul and foul is good” (1.1) also relating to the good is evil and evil is good concept. As Ralph and Jack sort out their rivalry with violence and cheap shots, the boys go back and forth with who had more power or who is stronger. As the book goes on, Jack eventually assumes the more evil side of things whereas Ralph manifests more as on the good side. This is where Golding also uses the boys to show civilization vs savagery, because leadership with Ralph is far more civilized and has more order than the savagery leadership that comes from Jack.

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Throughout the majority of this book, the boys attempt to maintain order by using things like the conch to evenly distribute power and to ensure people are heard. At this time with Ralphs democratic leadership, he was able to keep the order and for the most part everyone followed making the tribe a united front. The conch symbolizes order and civilization and had the power to bring all the boys together in meetings, gave whoever had the conch the floor to speak their mind, and also gave the boys hope that eventually they will be saved.

As the tribe disembarks down the path to full blown savagery,


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