The ability of effective interpersonal skills in a nurse is more important

The ability of effective interpersonal skills in a nurse is more important. The nursing profession focuses on the care of the patient and largely depends on the relationship between patients and nurses. These relationships have been built on the basis of communication. “The poor communication of patients with pacemakers is, in some other way, a cause of unsatisfactory state” (Shili, 2010, p. 126). Using effective communication skills leads to better health care. The discussion will focus on the importance of effective communication within effective communicative skills that should be used by nurses and in patient care.

But the patient’s safety is primarily associated with medical treatments and procedures. It is important to emphasize that the relationships established between patients and nurses to influence the wellbeing of the patients during medical treatment and surgery are important. In a study done by Methyl, Arara and Epstein (2009), communication between patients and healthcare providers has had a direct impact on the health of patients, and their ability to gain or worsen. Thus, as a nurse can have therapeutic effects due to illness relations, the nurse can effectively communicate as a result.

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