Taylor talked about two main things in her Ted Talk

Taylor talked about two main things in her Ted Talk, the right hemisphere and the left hemispheres of the brain. The right hemisphere is the part that thinks about the present moment, right here, right now. Any kind of sound, sight, or any of the five senses, that is what the right hemisphere focuses on. The left hemisphere deals with things like time; it’s all about the past and the future. It is designed to take details and categorize all the information with everything we’ve ever learned.
She described the morning of the stroke in great detail, she started by describing how she woke up with a huge headache. She then proceeded to go on with her morning routine, exercising, and as she watched her hands, “they looked more like paws.” Still confused as to what was happening to her, she walked to the bathroom and noticed that she couldn’t identify the “molecules and atoms of the boundaries of her body to the molecules of the walls.”
It then hit her, she was having a stroke. She struggled to walk to her office and when she made it there she tried to find the cards to call her office and inform them of what was happening to her. She desperately needed to get help, but all she could see were “pixels and pixels”, so she tried to match the lines and shapes of the card to the lines and shapes on the phone. Once she successfully dialed the number, she talked into the phone but only heard “barking”, as if she were talking to a golden retriever. That was because the part of her brain, the part that identifies language, wasn’t working.
When relating this to our chapter we see a significant need for communication that cannot be reached due to the hemorrhages. That loss of the ability to communicate resulted a whole heck of problems. Even though she was hearing what her colleague was telling her she couldn’t fully listen and understand what they were trying to tell her her. She was able to pick up a physical sound but couldn’t understand what they were trying to say to her.
When trying to engage in report talk, or the exchange of information, solutions, and problem-solving strategies, with her colleague, she was again at fault due to the stroke. With such a great loss in communication we


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