Taylor answered them by releasing her new album “Reputation” on November 10

Taylor answered them by releasing her new album “Reputation” on November 10,
2017. Different from the past relaxed style of her album, the cover of this one uses
black and white photos, which appears more depressed. “Reputation” is not only
Taylor’s original creation, but also a demonstration of her triumphant return. The style
and content of it depicts Taylor’s current life. The theme of this album is about how
Taylor tried to extricate herself from infamy. On one hand, her style turned to a dark
revenger in the song “Look What You Made Me Do”. She blamed those who let her
lose the reputation and stated she was tired of being a victim. On the other hand, she
realized that the public think they can know everything about celebrities, actually they
just know a little. They could only judge her by what the media represent to the
public, but that is not the whole story. The lyrics “I will be the actress, starring in your
bad dream”, demonstrates that Taylor would rather play the imaginary characters in
haters’ mind, in respond to the diss. Lastly, her depression also inspired her a deeper
understanding of love. Joe Jonas, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, understood and warmed her
when she experienced rumors and denigrations. The idea which is indicated in the
song “Call It What You Want”, tells us that whatever revenge or defending reputation,
are all worthless, which turns out that love deserves to be cherished because hate can
only imprison you, but you will move forward by the help from those who can read
your feelings behind the reputation.
“Look What You Made Me Do” is one of the most popular singles in this album.
If the perfect album was out of five, I would personally rate this album as three out of
five. Most audiences fell in love with this album due to two major reasons. Initially,
the dark style musical beats is quite unique and contrasts her original musical style in
Pop Country. The lyrics can be regarded as an “indictment” of the media. With the
piano rock playing, lyrics “But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of the time.
Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time”, releases strong emotional
implications from the lyrics and massive passion. Secondly, there are lots of lyrical
metaphors, which are likely to resonate with the audiences. For instance, the
beginning of the song is extremely straightforward, “I don’t like you little game/Don’t
like your titled stage”, which could be interpreted as a response to her beef with
Kanye West, a singer who once insulted Taylor in his lyrics. However, audiences have
to admit that this song would not accurately represent the highest achievement of
Taylor’s artistic ability. On one side, its lyrical creativity level is much lower than
other ones created by her. The lyrics only consist of simple words and short sentences.
On the other side, the chorus part is not really impressive. It can be described as a
repetition of the title “look what you made me do.” Therefore, although audiences
would appreciate it when they first listened to it, they may get tired of it in a short
period due to its simple lyrics and boring chorus.


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