“Superman and Me” was written by Sherman Alexie and it is a nonfiction short story

“Superman and Me” was written by Sherman Alexie and it is a nonfiction short story.
Sherman was A middle class Indian boy living on a reserve that lived with his parents, one brother, and his three sisters. Sherman father was man who worked on minimum wage but always figured out how to to feed and his family and bring books home he Collected then from vast different genres. Since he loved his father he loved book just as much and he always read through out school then he notice that he was only that enjoyed reading as much and figure out that most of the kids in his all Indian class weren’t very smart and wouldn’t amount to anything. When Sherman say ” Indian children were expected to be stupid”(496) ; he uses pathos because he is appealing to the readers emotions toward native heritage. Sherman’s type of claims is value he is putting value on native children’s education he was them to have high academic standards and is willing to teach them. How is it relevant today well According to the Partnership with Native Americans article it says about seven out of ten Native Americans graduate from high school if they start in in kindergarten and 17 percent will go on and graduate for college. So most Native children do graduate form high school so in a way it’s better than it was back when Sherman was a kid .
So he might a have a impact on Native American children graduating rate especially if he’s constantly going to schools and reading and informing with kids about this particular subject .


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