Stimulus 1

Stimulus 1: Choices/Decisions
All those years I believed he was gone forever. All those months I spent alone on the streets, just hearing voices in head, his voice, grandpas voice telling his stories of his time when he played that NFL game against the Patriots. Only to find out that he was still there. Anywhere. But there. Max, that’s what I decided to call my new scruffy friend, barked in his sleep. It seemed like he was dreaming, huh probably dreaming of the steak he could eat. I spent a lot of time down here, trying to make contact with police. But I did not expect to find him. I heard his voice again.

“My name is Leonardo Jameson. Any news on the suspect” I did not manage to respond. This couldn’t be .. My grandfather was dead! There is nothing I could do about it. Maybe I was just going crazy. I’ve been alone for months. “My name is… David Green”, I lied into the microphone. I was afraid to tell him who I really was.

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“David, where are you? Are you alone? Why are you still down there?” “Down where?”, I asked confusedly. “Down on earth, of course!” And that was when I realized that a lot more had happened, during the time I was knocked out, than I knew. I can tell you are confused. Let me just start at the beginning. My real name is John Jameson. The last time I knew what my age was, I was 26 years old. I lived in New York City, I guess the streets of New York City. To be honest, I do not quite remember those things anymore. It’s not like they still matter, do they? I can’t tell you a lot about my parents either. My parents …
I remember everything about them, but there is not a lot to remember. I’ve almost never seen them. They were always too busy to spend time with me. They went to work all day. And sometimes they travelled to foreign countries. Without taking me with them, of course the last time I saw them. When I was too young to stay at home alone, they left me with my grandfather at his house. I sure do remember his house better than my own. I even had my own room! That’s a first, Grandfather and I would sit under a tent made of blankets and chairs we made ourselves, and he would tell me about all those adventures he went on, when he was younger. He was one of the greatest warriors the world had ever seen fighting his battle through cancer, and there is no doubt about that.

Sadly he passed away when I was 18 years old. But he loved me and he left me a lot of his stuff too! I’m the proud owner of the diaries he kept with him during his adventures and a beautiful shining knife. Every time I hold it in my hands, I imagine how he used it to cut Graces Homework for her or fight dangerous animals for dinner that’s for sure. Before he passed away, he told me to “use it wisely.” It was such a cliché, but that’s why I loved him.

Four years later on another day I spent alone at home. When I woke up, I found myself still holding grandpas knife. “Ohh .. Grandpa” There were no buildings, people or plants. My throat burned because I was so thirsty. After finding a broken satellite dish, I figured out that the houses had to be somewhere under the sand. I dogged down beside it and it wasn’t too long until I found the top of the roof. I managed to break one of the windows and climb down into the house. Luckily, I found a lot of water bottles and some food that still looked kind of edible.
It was the same house, where I found Max. His leg was trapped under a closet and the poor dog whimpered the whole time. I searched for a first aid kit after I had freed him and tried to make a bandage around his leg, to avoid more loss of blood. Together we travelled through the desert until we found this hideout. We only went out to grab some water and food from desolated houses. Max was a really smart dog because every time I started digging, he just joined in and helped me, good German Shepard. Well, this is how we lived through a few months. I guess that now you understand why I was in a bit of a shock when my grandfather made contact with me.

“Where else should I be?” My voice was trembling. “You seem to have missed a lot of stuff. Do not worry, we have your coordinates. I will come down to you and pick you up. There is a lot to explain.” There sure was a lot to explain. All of the sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Picking me up? My grandfather, who I thought was dead and who probably did still think that I was dead, was about to meet me? was I ready ? am I ready to meet him? I jumped out of my chair, walking up and down through the tiny room. Max woke up because I made such a noise while panicking from one corner of the room to another. “Sorry Buddy”, I said, walking up to him and petting his head.

Wherever my grandfather wanted to take me, I needed to pack my things. I grabbed an old dusty backpack from underneath the desk and stuffed some clothes into it. It made me remember that they were the only things I took with me during the end of the world. There was nothing else I cared about a lot. Just the knife and three and a half diaries. The forth was complete once, but grandfather used to tell me that the other half was eaten by a crocodile. Actually, I never believed in that story. He probably just wasn’t careful enough and broke it, so he had to find an excuse. “John get Max n come over here we’ll go on an adventure!” Excited, like he understood me, he ran after me. Before I shut the door to our hideout, I took my time to look into it for surely the last time. I knew, wherever I was going, I wouldn’t return. It might sound strange, but no matter how awful and lonely my time down here was, I will miss this place. Even though I spent most of my time down here being afraid of dying, it was the only safe place to go.

It was my home for so long, and I fancied the idea of spending the rest of my short life in there. I sighed deeply, closing my eyes as I shut the door. “Calm down, Max it’ll be okay, its time to close past and open a new door”, I mumbled under another sigh. As so often in the past, he was barking at something which was probably nothing but a piece of trash he was afraid of. But when I turned around, I laid my eyes on something else. Or rather someone. Grandpa.


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