Course: Masters in Environmental Sciences

I am XXXXXX, an undergraduate in Chemical engineering. I aspire to obtain a graduate degree in environmental engineering with the specialization from Environmental, Water Resource and Coastal Engineering from the North Carolina State University.
After completing my under graduation, I was recruited into one of the most prestigious organizations in India “Reliance Industries Ltd.”, as a process engineer where I was working from the past 1.8 yrs. I have worked for more than an year in the “Acrylonitrile Plant “, a very hazardous plant. Although I have gained valuable experience in the plant operations and capacity expansion studies which, as a chemical engineer, I found, very interesting, the dangers posed to the environment due to the toxic wastes and improper management of resources astonished me. While performing my regular responsibilities at work, I had to regularly interact with the environmental engineers in the organization with regard to the various parameters, legal regulations and studies pertaining to the environmental aspects of the existing and future projects. I found myself developing a penchant towards their studies and various activities. This had been one of the major factors to attract me to the field of environmental engineering.

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I have always heard about man made environmental disasters since childhood, and each time, these stories of destruction hurt my ears. I felt both heartbroken and terrified. These were the events that drove me to think about the possible destruction of nature. I hoped that ecological balance restored through the environmental science. I strongly feel that this is possible only if many more people take up the study of the environment. I would like to be one of them.
Since my childhood, I have always been interested in drawing and painting, but my life has not permitted me to take this up seriously. During the twelfth grade I had to make a critical choice: whether I should continue to paint, in which I was good at, or take up a professional education. I chose to be a graduate in chemical engineering as the subject fascinated me. The tough curriculum not only added the relevant knowledge and skills, it also helped me learn methodical thought and careful work. I believe this will help me perform well during graduation.

Because my parents confer me sufficient freedom to make mistakes, and thereby evolve on my own, I have developed a style, a mindset that is purely autonomous and uncompromising when it comes to originality. Apart from this, I enjoyed working with languages, due to which I could always top my class in English language during my school. This particular interest helped me make reading a habit.

My education has been multi-faceted. Even while attending or participating in various technical events and contests, I have also been successful making friends and relating well with my peers, seniors, juniors and faculty alike. On the extra-curricular front I have played throw ball in the school and college team which bagged many awards at state and district levels. I also have been an enthusiastic participant in several National Level Technical symposiums. The most memorable of these was building and presenting a thesis “Gasohol- a green fuel”, during an event conducted in the Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. I have been the head of the design and cultural committee for the national level technical event ‘CHEMISPHERE-07’. I was also part of the organizing team for the department of Chemical Engineering. These events and activities I took part in taught me how to work with and lead a group and plan programmes.
I enjoy teaching and this encouraged me to work as a part time teacher for mathematics for a short period of time even while I was pursuing my undergraduate studies. I believe that I possess the basic aptitude, discipline to sustain the motivation and drive needed for a research career. My naturally strong communication skills will help me considerably. If given an opportunity to teach or do research work I would not fall short of your expectation.

I realize that admission into your university is highly competitive But considered myself qualified and prepared for any challenges I will undoubtedly get ready for. I would very happy if I am accepted. Thank you for taking my application into consideration
Looking forward to hearing from you.


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