Speech is one of the best way to get someone’s attention

Speech is one of the best way to get someone’s attention, it can capture the heart of the listener or changed their beliefs and ideals. As I watch the one of the most memorable speech in U.S. history, I observed lots of things. As a listener, the speech is very effective, effective is when a person or object is capable of producing an intending result or striking effect. This wonderful speech of Martin Luther King takes place Lincoln Memorial in Washington , D.C., on August 28, 1963 where nearly a quarter of a million people gathered for a March for Jobs and Freedom to urge Congress and President John F. Kennedy to pass a national civil rights bill. Martin Luther speaks only with a microphone, without the help of notes and visual aids, he still able to move the people and make them believe of what he is saying.
Aside from his flowery words, the highlights of his speech are his main ideas given to the audiences willing to listen and endure a sunny weather together with him. He summarized these main points in a very creative way and easy to follow speech flow, His main points are all about his dreams, a dream that someday, nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed, wishing that people will learned the idea of equality among races and differences, hoping that we will see the that we are all equal in this world God created. He support this idea by giving examples of how black people received mistreatment in their daily life, In his speech he said that until now, after hundreds of years, negros are still not free from chains of discrimination. America has given the Negro people a bad check; a check which has come back marked “insufficient funds.” He also added how negro is still under the horror of police brutality. The speaker is very persuading to people especially to black people and also to those Americans/other races who is against with racism. Another thing that I observed why this speech is very effective is because Martin Luther is very good with his Pathos method of persuasion. By appealing emotional words supported with emotional life experiences, it creates and emotional response to convince the audience. I can really tell how he persuade the audience, it is clearly shown how the audience react and clapped with almost of his main points. I don’t think this speech is conversational over all in a way that he ask question to audience and proceed to his speech based on the audiences’ answer, but there are still “you and me” interaction in his speech.
The main goal of the message is about Love and Equality, in my own interpretation as a listener of his speech, I believed he wants to open the eyes of people especially in America that black people should also get the same treatment as white people does. God created us not a like in terms of language, culture and color, but that doesn’t mean where not equal, God created us to love one another because that’s what brothers and sister does, I think that is the short message of Martin Luther because for him, we’re all children of God.
Preparation is the key in a successful speech, if the speaker is not well prepared, nervousness is the result. Martin Luther King looks very confident in his speech, the way he deliver every words is outstanding, he didn’t even need a copy or guide to proceed with his speech but his preparation alone before the actual speech is all he need to deliver a wonderful speech. Regarding his body language, For me I didn’t saw any flaws, the way he stand is very professional, he looks at people just like talking to them, his suit looks also good with his speech “I have a Dream”,
If I were to criticize Martin Luther with his speech, I will just say he did a very good job from start until the end of his speech, the way he connected the main points with his dreams are very creative too. I honestly enjoy his speech, even though I am not physically present in his presentation, it still makes me shiver every time he made a point that I found relating and convincing, and yes! I will definitely pay bucks to watch his speech.


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