Social media is a platform for online communications channels dedicated to community-based input

Social media is a platform for online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration and has grown tremendously in the last few years. For example; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr are types of social media. Most people today define social media as apps on their smartphones or tablets. The question imposed, is it really important nowadays? Let me discuss the advantages and disadvantages that the vast majority are familiar with.

Social media consists of interaction with friends and family, offer valuable access to educational support and materials. If you want to know what’s going on in the world, all you need to do is jump on social media; disseminate news and useful information rapidly. Social media can encourage social and political change and create awareness by innovating anyone’s life.

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Social media can have negative outcomes on people such as addictions, a decrease in the real-world expectations, face to face communication, personal connections, and can easily get very extensive for them and are eventually cut off from the society. There are usual possibilities of cyberbullying, stalking, hacking, and other privacy concerns. It is also a huge factor on child behavior in altering contexts. Social media is also a leading source of rumors and false allegations on most of us today. Social media can cause distraction, it is common because all of us look at our phones and check our accounts about hundreds of times on a daily basis; Which leads to getting distracted by all the social apps notifications we receive, causing all sorts of problems, mainly not paying attention.

I extremely relate to these positive and negative aspect of social media. In real life, I was home, on my own, unwell and isolated. I would always check websites and forums, scrolling through to see who had posted. I’ve hit an obsession low by a very young age. This has gotten to the point where I’d be online from 8 am – 2 am. It turned me into someone who is insecure in real life, appear very confident online. However, I’m sure that it decreased my confidence by the long-run. In the end, I was no longer using the social media site to be social, I was using it to keep the people who I was following entertain me.

However, there are ways where it changed: I challenged myself to abstain from social media for a full week by removing my accounts for the time being until I was stable without them. I started to notice what was important other than knowing if Kylie Jenner’s lips changed or giving full attention on dumb teenagers who are rebelling against their parents. I tended to focus on the networks (BBC, CNN, Morocco World News, Pinterest) that were essential and consider which pages to unfollow and which friends to unfriend to help clear up some space in my news feed and timeline.

Social media is very needed today. Networks, businesses, connections, liabilities, and an endless source of information in data is here today because of the media. It’s necessary, however, its effects have been more downgrading than helpful. We could increase the advantages and positivity of social media by posting more about what we think and how we stand on certain issues rather than believing everything we read or see online. We could affect a faction of our world by bringing out the things that matter rather than the phony materialistic motives most people on Instagram or Snapchat are displaying. And we could also take a break from social media to improve our social skills today rather than staying stuck up on a phone screen like I stayed hooked on for the past 4 years of my childhood. Displaying the change we want to see is in our hands, and is our choice to make.


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