Smoking is a dangerous addiction

Smoking is a dangerous addiction, causes costly illnesses, and disturbs non-smokers. Smokers must recognize the risks they are taking, for themselves and those around them. One of the most dangerous drugs all around the world nowadays is smoking, smoking has many different ways of putting your life at a great risk. Because of smoking, every year 4.9 million people across the world die. It’s so difficult for these people to quit smoking because of nicotine, it’s a drug in cigarettes. As a person inhales nicotine more and more, they soon enough pick up the bad habit. Smoking is most commonly known for causing multiple health problems, such as diseases, cancer, and much more. People both illegal and legal age smoke cigarettes. They need to reconsider their decision about lighting up a cigarette and think about the risk they are taking. Because even I can’t even imagine myself finding out someone I love, perished from the habit. Some people will plan for quite a while about how they will discontinue their bad habit of smoking since many people find it so difficult to quit. My grama began smoking when she was 16 years old, she would smoke about four to five cigarettes a day. She grew up believing it wasn’t a bad thing since everyone around her at the time smoked. Once she’s smoked, it makes certain her nerves are more eased, but soon enough she feels anxious and the need to have another. A few years ago, she finally wanted to quit, but it was so hard to since she had already been smoking for so long. She definitely regrets starting because it is a horrible habit. The money she has spent on it could have been used for something else, and she wouldn’t have the addiction or worry of health risks. She recommends to never do it. Other than affecting the health of the smoker, the second-hand smoke from smokers’ cigarettes can also affect the health of others around them. When someone is smoking a cigarette in public or anywhere else there may be other people, they aren’t only risking their own life, but the other people’s lives around them as well. They need to recognize this and be more respectful to the others around them. Non-smokers who breathe in this second-hand smoke may experience allergies or a variety of different irritations. This is especially dangerous to pregnant women who are open to the second-hand smoke, for it can enlarge the risk of having an irregular birth.


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