Siraiki culture According to different aspects of regions culture include social organization and civilization that people use

Siraiki culture
According to different aspects of regions culture include social organization and civilization that people use ,in the form of art ,and literature in that region. siraiki culture combined with the Indus valley and Persian. Muslims influences have very rich history along with its own language, tradition.
According to the history siraki region formed part of Indus valley civilization more than 40,000 years ago. This region conquered many times from west Aryans and the Greek’s .Persian live many centuries with siraki with their Persian art, poetry, and architecture still form a part of their culture. When Muslim conquered the region Islam spread and their region became an important Islamic center.
At the time of independence of Pakistan 1947 Muslims were between 75% to 90% populations of siraki speaking region west of Pakistan. In past all siraki areas were a part of one single administrative entity called Multan but now it exist as district that’s why it is also known as mother of all siraiki areas among the different groups in Pakistan are siraiki.
According to religion 99% population are Muslims and majority are Sunnis whereas Shea are also there but in less in numbers. This region is mainly a place of Sufism and tombs of Hazrat Bah un din zakria and Hazrat shah rukh. Alam. Other Sufi saint such as Gh.Farid and M.Suleman Taunsavi are also very popular and specially the tomb of Sakhi sarwar .There are more than twenty translations of Quran in sraiki.As well as large number of majority of siraiki are Muslims with small number Christian’s and Hindu
According to literature siraiki literature siraki language has emerged from specific characteristics creation of Pakistan siraki is standardized language of Pakistan. Belongings to Indo Aryans language. It is spoken by the people in siraiki speaking regions combined known as siraikian.
No proper documentation related to it but it is based on a group of historically written and spoken by 18 million people. Main the siraki speaking people are from southern and half are from Northwest Punjab, southern district are Dera Ismail khan and also in areas of KPK border region of Sindh and Baluchistan provinces also spoken in Afghanistan.
There is long list of poets, their work is communicable some of famous poets are Sachal sar mast, Shah Abdul Latif bhittai .
According to Architecture Multan is the oldest city of Asia having a combination of old and new culture there are tombs, temples cathedrals and also a historical fort. Main attraction is Sufism, saints, mausoleums.
According to the taste traditional dishes all over Pakistan but sohnjhana is the famous vegetable as well as sohan halva is also traditional sweet of Multan.
In sports khbadi is famous.
In arts and music different arts and crafts flourished in the urban areas of Multan music and dance are also important in the celebrations .Joohmar is the traditional cultural elements oriented from Multan.
Festivals are based on the Islamic calendar, most of based in the remembrance of Sufi, saints. some of the festivals are.
Sang mella is vaisakh fair celebrated during March and April in sakhi sarwar by people
Coming from jhang and is celebrated especially at the time of wheat harvestin and its known as Besant in some areas.
PIR Adil mela is celebrated at the tomb of Hazrat. Pir. Adil and national horse and cattle t show is also sometime celebrated with this mella It is usually celebrated in February every year for ten years.
Most people belong to either the cast of Jut or Rajput clans are Bhatt, Malik ,chishti etc. Even living with different cast for many years they still have dispute on their separate identity on traditions and siraiki language. And this dispute continues on from after independence of Pakistan. They have made their own website for information regarding their culture and the name is Israeli waseb development organization.(SWADO)working on its own promotion of sariki culture as well as
Their traditional dresses are shalwar kameez which is the national dress of Pakistan.the traditional male dress is Lungi with Chula(kameez) the traditional male dress is suthnar,shalwar ,Ghayiroli sariki shalwar kameez suthnar (shalwar) the traditional put rural or pashmina or shaal on shoulder.shalwar kameez chadar is also important part of male and female dress woman wear boncharr,chunni,(chunnri)and men wear patka on the head. Woman also used to wear ghagra but it is not only used in wedding and parties.siraiki man also like to have moustaches locally saying (muchan)and little beared and the dressing of hair are short cut somewhere these are long by the own desire.
In the city there is Charpai, locally known as khatt , Khatrra and Hamacha culture . Charpai and Hamacha means a big heavy wooden bed woven with war ((ropes) made of date-tree leaves or Koondr long leaves), which are kepts at Chowks and Baithaks. You can find these Hamachas in every chowks, baithaks and wisakh.
Normally people sit on charpai and hamacha in the evening and on holidays. There they discuss their daily personal, social and political issues in friendly environment.
In the city there is Charpai, locally known as khatt , Khatrra and Hamacha culture . Charpai and Hamacha means a big heavy wooden bed woven with Apes ((ropes) made of date-tree leaves or Koondr long leaves), which are kept at Chowks and Baithaks. You can find these Hamachi’s in every chocks, Baithaks and wisakh.
Dealing in professional health practices culture have great value impact on society it is dully focused on culturally based care, beliefs, values ,and practices to help cultures or sub cultures maintain or regain their health and face disabilities or deaths in culturally agree all in beneficial ways. It remains one of the most challenging and revolutionizing developments in health care. In new developments concepts, principal and research finding are indeed, health care providers think broadly to reduce mechanistic and highly technical and impersonal action that fail to help cultural clients. Ethical and moral factors become clearly evident as one work with client of diverse culture.
The theory of culture care diversity and university which developed in the mid1950s has been a major theory to advance the body of transcultural nursing knowledge. The theory is focused on diverse and universal dimensions of human caring worldwide. The well-known sunrise model (Leininger,1991)guides the researcher and clinician in

In siraiki culture they are mostly male dominant society they do not accept reproduction health development e.g family planning and other methods as well as because of their cultural and religion point of view.They have families in large number and cannot afford their children proper good education and basic needs and this is the main hinderous in society development.
Most of the woman of siraiki area is hardworking, busy in house job and agrarian activities .but they have no property rights of land. Most of the community is landless and homeless .In this perspective,it was needed to set up an organization for political, economic ,and social rights of the woman .All the process of decision making at the platform of the Traimit Sanj is totally democratic and is through the involvement of community .According to the reports of Hirrak development Centre the strategic objectives of the woman rights are given as follow:
To build the capicty of the woman for accessing to their resources.
To organize woman for their land rights.
To improve the skills about the strategic planning and sharing information with community.
To strengthen women economically.
To aware the woman about the importance of culture and mother language siraiki.
• No doubt woman of this culture facing many problems ,but now woman are very conscious and are doing struggling hard to get their rights. Woman are being exploited in
• every field of the life.The movement of the basic human rights of the siraiki people.
The siraiki Lok tamash(siraiki street theatre)is the source to show the unique features of the siraiki culture .The theatre has its importance all over the world.
Similarly the tradition of siraiki theatre is very ancient and strong. The siraiki area had been a great market for theatre throughout the centuries. The theatre Bali Jatti ,Shamas Katar and ustad Gammon were the main centre of the people entertainment. Theatre programs were performed in siraki language according to Dilshad Kalanchvi ,RamLela,was the first religious theatre and the first play “Shakuntla” which was written by Kali Das,was also performed in siraiki area.These theatre have played an important role for the development of siraiki cultural identity.These theatre show programmed performed the social evil which are caused by ruling class and also exhibit their non-ethical attitude. The theatre are the minor holder of the culture and civilization of nation.
Sindho Bachao Tarla is new affiliated organization of Lok Sonjh the organization is the voice of sariki culture people. The indigenous people are the holders of the of the unique language, knowledge, system, beliefs, and possess valuable knowledge of the practices for the sustainable management of the natural resources. The movement of the Sindu Bachao was started in 2005.The reason was that the house of the siraiki people were ruined bulldozed which made them shelter less and displaced. All this was done for the emergency rehabilitation and modernization of the affected of taunsa barrage. This movement has thousands of members from chasma barrage to Ghazi Ghat.The people of the riverine community are part of this movement. It is basically movement of the excluded deprivement and marginalized community. Main factors are below
To struggle against the mega project on the Indus river.
To struggle to maintain the natural echo system of Indus.
To struggle for saving the Indus river from sewerage and industrial pollution.
To struggle for starting transportation through boats in Indus river.
To struggle for resettlement of siraki people displaced due to the mega project on the Indus river
First achievement of the sariki people is to made aware of their rights through cultural activities. The native people become empowered due to the cultural activities. Than the Lok Sanjh organization realized farmers problems. And set a new goal for farmers, so they established the farmers’ association which means the organization of the people who plough with oxen in the field. The object of the Hali sanjh is to work only for the farmers and to solve their problems.Hali sanjh made some right based documentaries through multimedia to make people awareness on their rights. There are some successful stories in Hali sanjh (farmer Association) which is the one of them Samira Fareed describe that we are two sisters and three were facing the problem of railway crossing closed for many years and because of this problem we are unable to carry our crop to the market. We cannot take our sugarcane to the sugar mill, rice crop and wheat to the market. We cannot go to the schools about 2000 people were facing these this issue was solved with Hali sanjh organization after awareness of their rights. These activities are beneficial for cultural awareness they become empowered with specific identity (Sariki culture) In the cultural feature of this nation the electronic and print media have performed its job in the establishment of sariki language, politics, and culture .Like other culture sariki culture also have positive and negative effects of the electronic and print media. Its positive aspects one aspect is that, with the help of electronic media, films and dramas began to telecasted in sariki area the radio station was set up in Multan in 1970in In the negative aspect. in private channel same case Mazhar Arif a political intellectual says that the development of Siraiki region is working on commercial base and not playing an important role for the development of siraiki culture. They are doing some screening the reason behind this failure is that there heads are Non siraiki speaking and their purpose is financial gain and not the promotion of siraiki language,literature ,culture. This is a conciperancy and negative propaganda against the development of the siraiki culture at high level. Slam Aziz Durani argues that the role of the electronic media did not play positive and solid role for the protection of siraiki culture.
According to Shamim Arif Qureshi, out of the electronic media. The Rohi T.V exceeded in the purity of siraiki scripts and telecasted out class documentaries, Dialogue under sabir chishti’s supervision on Sariki culture. Before the competition of electronic media the contribution of print media is remarkable. In siraiki culture print media starts took its start in the 20th centuary.The Newspaper Nawa_ e_ waqt 1965.Daily khabrain 1997, Daily jhang 1997,Daily Ausaf 2002,Daily Express 2002,The siraiki newspaper “JHOKE”1990,”The Siraki Dunyan from Islamabad publish the literary edition weekly. But daily khabrain appropriate a page for the siraiki literature and culture named “Siraiki Adab”First time the people of the siraiki area for the promotion of siraiki culture, literature, also appreciates the heads of newspaper. The people of the region happy because of these publications. The new thought and ideas come in to the mind of sariki writers, and political persons. Political literature written by people against the feudal Lords and in favor of siraiki culture people. This edition plays an important role in the siraiki movement.
The movement is the product of those fairs and cultural groups. The writers and nationalist and the Politian’s are the part of the festivals these classes introduce the objective of the siraiki Nationalist on the platform of festivals. The writer journalist, politician join these fairs and express their political views about the basic human rights, social, cultural, and economic collectively identity. Tariq Rehman writes that, fairs are the symbol of distinctive cultural identity of the siraiki region and help to create a sense of identity. The politician belong to area are also invited in cultural programs to point out the different issues related to that area. Their statements provide the strong political awareness to the siraiki people. All these activities separate the Punjab politically .In the past, the politician of the different political parties ignored to take part in the debate about the siraiki national question in the assemblies but at this time competitions among the political parties have increased especially in the siraiiki area .Now they are raising this issue in the assemblies to maintain their position and vote bank. So the leader of this area is taking part regularly in the mystic festivals and talk on the division of Punjab and right of Siraiki people.
In the siraiki area, different NGO,s are working on betterment of health, education and for human rights. The NGO have absorbed a lot of educated young men. A number of siraiki leaders nationalist movement are the parts of these NGO,So they produce literature consist on political issues of the region. The NGO are working better in the development sector as compared to Government institutions. NGOs spend their energy for the development of the culture logically, some NGO want to keep the siraiki culture movement limit only to the culture activities. But some organizations are trying to create political literature for the growth of siraiki nationalist movement.
In conclusion according to the discussion, culture is a unique phenomenon for any nation and refers to the ways of life including language, art and scientific thoughts, spiritually, social ,activity ,interaction and convention .The cultural activities provide the basic tool of defensive of defensive policy. cultural provide political environment to the local people and are play an important role for the empowerment of any movement .The cultural groups provide political environment are the basic need of the siraiki nationalist movement Pakistan came in to being in 1947, and 67 years have been passed. But the political, linguistic and cultural issue still remains The process of the construction of identity bases on the cultural characteristics which are considered as the much more important in history. cultures are the source of identity .Like other nationalist movements ,saraiki nationalist movement is the center of saraiki area Multan and Bahawalpur had been independent states of centuries after the attachment in Punjab, the cultural heritage was looted and largely shifted to Punjab. From 67 years people of this area are engaged with different movements for the achievement of political, linguistic, cultural issues still remain. The process of construction of identity bases on the cultural characteristics, which are considered as much more important in history .cultures are the source of identity like other nations. In siraiki culture print media,theatres, literature ,NGOs and siraki nationalist movement and language played an important role in their identity and construction
After 1947 attachment with Pakistan the siraiki culture heritag was looted and mostly shifted to Punjab. from 67 years people of this area are struggling for their identity and culture with attachment of different movements for their basic, social ,and political, economic, linguistic, identity.

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