Scandals result from the vile actions

Scandals result from the vile actions. If there is a scandal, it is a manifestation of a problem. In this respect we cannot agree of usefulness of scandals. If there is a scandal of a politician money laundering on its citizens taxes’, everyone suffers, the victims being deprived of resources, the criminal of morality. Therefore I would like to urge a careful use of the words pronouncing that a scandal could be useful.

Suppose that instead of the actions revealed in a scandal we question if the discosure of these actions is useful. If the immoral actions are not manifested, then the society does not have the means to stop them. Once the actions of the people become transparent to the others, they are open to evaluation and scrutinizing. This transparency gives us control over our relationships in our society. The evidence serves the ground for the further guidance, correction and actions. If we know that a particular person commited a murder, we can progress by reasoning how we could stop a further undesidered action from happening by considering the very criminal oneself. If the criminal was not known, then it would be harder to stop the crime. Hence, public visibility of the actions both good and bad is useful for the society’s stability and development.

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