Safeguarding is also the term Child Protection

Safeguarding is also the term Child Protection. It includes promoting children’s safety and welfare as well as protecting children from abuse. It has only been developed in the past 50 years, and the need for improved legislation has been highlighted by cases such as Victoria Climbie (2000) as this case showed weaknesses in procedures. In 2003 a case was made called every child matters this started due to the death of Victoria Climbié who was tortured by her guardians. This then produced the children’s act 2004. This act outlines that everyone is in charge of safeguarding children. In all settings there should be a safeguarding policy to protect all children under the age of 19 and for all settings to have a safeguarding officer and a safeguarding lead that anyone can go to with any concerns. All members of staff in setting should have up to date safeguarding training and for all staff and volunteers to have a dbs check these are all acts to keep children safe. Another form of safeguarding that has recently been introduced is e safety. Children these days have a lot of access to the internet which can be good but there is a lot of negatives about children being on the internet or having access to a mobile phone or even some video games children could be exposed to potentially harmful or inappropriate content. No one can fully remove the bad stuff off the internet and make it safe but there are guides to take to keep your child safe whilst using the internet for example limited time, parental locks, making the children aware of the dangers on the internet. Bullying is also a safeguarding threat bullying can be direct or indirect it can be physical, emotional, verbal, cyber there are so many types of bullying there is no exact definaiton if a child is constantly being bullied this will lower there self esteem and we should mention this to the safeguarding officer.


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