Arming Squire: Has to remove a knight’s armour, like a pitstop in Formula 1.
Worst part: Has to deal with the possibility of faeces and urine as knights wouldn’t have had any access to a toilet in the medieval times.

Archer: A vital part in an army for long ranged attacks, shooting down horses and leading some into an ambush.

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Worst part: Would’ve had to go into the battle field after the carnage and shoot down severely injured allies or foes.

Leech collector: collection of leeches for cures and remedies for the Black Death.

Worst part: Would always get bitten by leeches as they were bare-footed.

Barber Surgeon: Would have been a surgeon that amputated limbs, but cuts hair due to the low demand for actual surgery.

Worst part: Has to deal with a lot of blood and had to use enema tubes, usually underpaid.

Wise Woman: The main source of medicine in the period of the Black Death.

Worst part: Could be convicted of witchcraft because of some strange ingredients.

Stone Masons: Has to carry blocks of stone to cathedrals or castles and craft and cut them in a way that secures the cathedral/castle
Worst part: The cost was high to go from quarry to castle/cathedral and the chances of it getting lost down a river was high, making quicklime could kill because it produces carbon monoxide, a harmful gas that can kill if exposed for too long
Crane workers: lifted blocks up towers for stone masons to work on.

Worst part: they were usually blind, so they couldn’t see if things were breaking down.

Fullers: makes newly woven, rough wool a nice smooth texture for nights to wear for comfortability.

Worst part: have to step in pee for hours on end to do so.

PT. 2 of rotten jobs: opinion
There are a whole host of jobs that existed in the medieval times and they can range from good, like a cobbler, or downright horrible, as we will get into. To be a bad job, it must contain risk of death or something gross. My judgements will go to fatality rates and how disgusting or vile it is.

First, the worst job in my opinion is being a stone mason because there is a high risk of dying. Stone masons must transport and carve stones to fit the castle/cathedral, but how is this dangerous? Well, stone masons had to spend a lot of money on transportation, and because the blocks are in France, it will cost a lot more. The dangerous parts are the chances of the scaffolding being destroyed, or the production of quicklime. Scaffolding being destroyed will not be so hard to explain, but if the scaffolding crumbles it will fall on top of all the construction workers, and people on top will fall and possibly get killed. The production of quicklime is also a factor in the factor of death of many people because it produces harmful chemicals that kills and falling into the part that heats the quicklime results in burning to death.

The second worst job to me is being a fuller purely because of the grossness, as you had to step in stale pee. To explain further, newly woven wool is quite rough and greasy, so the solution to make it softer and de-grease is to step is to fill up tubs with stale pee and put the cloth in and to step in it from an hour to several depending on the roughness and greasiness of the wool. Not many people could handle the horrendous smell, but a plus is that it can clean your feet thoroughly, but on a personal level it would be a horrible job.

The least worst job in my opinion is being is being a barber surgeon as the only bad side is that there isn’t a high demand for surgeons, so they cut hair instead. This could almost be considered a good job, but the low pay and low demand makes it quite bad because they need a moderate pay to be a functioning citizen. They are quite good at their job/s most of the time.

In the end, there are many fatalities and harm involved with some jobs, like a stone masons’ job, some jobs were even gross, like a fullers’ job. But we can all say that medieval jobs were downright rubbish.


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