Roman architecture was different than any of the other architectural techniques that had been seen before

Roman architecture was different than any of the other architectural techniques that had been seen before. The way the Romans organized and built their buildings was monumental in the history of the different architecture types throughout history. There are a few ways in which the structures of the Romans were better than any of the constructed buildings done by previous civilizations. The earlier architecture built by different groups of people like the Persians and Greeks had some disadvantages when it came to the inside of their architecture, the materials used, and presentation in comparison to the Roman architecture.
The structures of preceding civilizations would be built using massive columns and long stone slabs. This way of building these structures were only good at making the presentation of the outside of the building look appeasing. Because of how heavy the horizontal slabs of stone are in this type of construction, the space inside of these buildings were largely dedicated to supporting the top of the structure. The result of this space needing to be used for support is the bad organization and presentation of the inside. The Columns were taking up unnecessary amounts of room and the space inside was poorly organized in comparison to the Roman architecture. The Romans fixed this problem by experimenting with different materials and support systems. These new methods include the use of concrete, columns, arches and vaulting. The concept of using concrete on the buildings was not a new, but the addition of Italian volcanic ash into the mortar for concrete improved the stability and strength significantly. The Romans also began to use frame like structures to mold and shape the cement they were using. This allowed them to make more creative and interesting shapes in comparison to the basic shape of preceding architectural structures. The combination of using the new cement technique and arches resulted in spherical shaped rooms and buildings. These new techniques lead to a more creative and visually pleasing buildings. Both the inside and outside of the Roman structures were creative and appealing to the eye whereas the earlier production of buildings only looked and felt comforting from the outside.
With the use of these new building techniques, different building styles appeared. A major organization of buildings the Romans used is called a forum. A forum is a common, open area with important rooms and buildings around it. This area of the town(s) was the place in which religion and economy thrived. These buildings were the most important and there wasn’t a better place to use the new building techniques but here.
Overall the Roman empire had a much more creative and sophisticated architectural society in comparison to preceding architectural techniques. The use of the creative molding of concrete, advanced arch placement, and use of a new mortar solution led better structures. The structures were more elegant on the inside, and the area inside of these new buildings were much more comforting to be in because of these new creative techniques of building.


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