Question 1:
Based on the scoring in TMA 1, the total green mark score achieved previously was 85.58 (No IAQ Audit & Efficiency of 0.6 KW/RT). Since the current efficiency of the chilled water system is above 0.7 KW/RT, the total score now will be 81.91 (No IAQ Audit). Therefore, in order to achieve the BCA Green Mark Platinum award (Base on ENRB V3.0), the pre-requisite requirements for Platinum award is the most important to be fulfill first and the gap analysis will be as follow:
1. For cooling load of more than 500 RT, The minimum design system efficiency of the chilled water system need to be 0.65 KW/RT. Through achieving this as one of the pre-requisite requirements for Platinum Award, the total score will now be 84.25. Under Part 1 – Energy Efficiency, the minimum points to be achieve for Green Mark Platinum is 45 points. The current total scoring for Part 1 is 51.32, which has satisfy the requirements under that section for Platinum eligibility. But the total green mark score for Green Mark Platinum, which is 90 and above is not met yet.

2. Full Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) audit need to be conducted and this will contribute 4 points. Through achieving this, the total score will now be 88.25
3. Under ENRB 1-3, for Natural Ventilation area, the pre-requisite requirement for platinum is that 75% of the natural ventilated areas having cross ventilation with north and south facing window opening. To be eligible for this, the building owner must first retrofit/renovate the office building, so that there is more than 10% of the total floor area with natural ventilation. Through the use of such natural ventilation, 20 based points will be awarded and 1.6 points for every 10% of such areas with cross ventilation and windows opening facing the north and south direction. This will contribute another 12 points (1.6 points for every 10% x 75% for Platinum standard). Therefore, through achieving such pre-requisite requirements for Platinum, the total score will now be 88.25 + 32 = 120.25
Through fulfilling the pre-requisite requirements as mentioned above, the building owner of the office building will be eligible to achieve the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award. Nevertheless, it is also advisable to gain a few more points as buffer through the following proposals that is cost effective and will not require high sum of costing: –
1. In Part 1 – Energy Efficiency, under ENRB 1-8 for Energy Efficient Practices & Features, the use of energy efficiency product at (b) will allow gaining up to 2 points and the use of energy efficient features at (c), such as motion sensors and photocell sensors will contribute 2 points for every 1% energy saving over the total energy consumption of the office building.

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2. In Part 2 – Water Efficiency, under ENRB 2-1 for Water Monitoring, the monitoring of the monthly water consumption at (a) will add on to 1 point. In ENRB 2-4 for Water Efficiency Improvement Plans, the establishment of the improvement management plans over the next 3 years to improve building water performance against the baseline setting will contribute to 1 point. And under ENRB 2-6 for Cooling Towers, the use of NEWater at (b) or recycled water, will be able to be achieving for another 1 point.

3. In Part 3 – Sustainable Operation and Management, under ENRB 3-1 for Building Operation and Maintenance, the establishment of the environmental policy at (a), that will reflects the sustainable goals to be set, will allow gaining 1 point. In ENRB 3-2 for Post Occupancy Evaluation, at (a) & (b), the conduct of post occupancy survey on energy and environmental performance for 10% of total occupants/tenants satisfaction will allow to gain 2 points and another 1 point can be achieve through listing out the corrective actions taken from the following up of the post occupancy evaluation. In ENRB 3-3 for Waste Management, at (b) & (d), promoting and encouraging among the occupants/tenants for recycling and waste minimization programme will allow to achieve 2 points and another 2 points will be gain through monitoring the recycling programme for continuous improvement. In ENRB 3-6 for Environmental Protection, the green procurement policy at (a) will add on another 1 point for carrying out sustainable procurement and purchasing environmental-friendly policy in the building maintenance & operation.

4. In Part 4 – Indoor Environmental Quality, under ENRB 4-1 for Indoor Air Quality Performance, at (d) & (e), the displaying of room temperature and carbon dioxide sensor for al least 1 unit of each display at every floor will contribute 2 point in total. In ENRB 4-2 for Indoor Air Pollutants, at (a) & (b), use of low volatile organic compound paints and environmental friendly adhesives, will add on 2 points in total. In ENRB 4-3 for Lighting Quality, at (b), through allowing 90% of the occupants/tenants to adjust or control the lighting system so as to cater to their work needs and preference, will add on up to 2 points to be achieve.

5. In Part 5 – Other Green Features, under ENRB 5-1a for Environmental Protection, at (2ii), the use of non-chemical termite treatment such as termite baiting system can allow to add on another 0.5 point. This method can be done through engaging certified and trusted pest control companies such as Pest Pro, Anticimex, Pest Man, for monthly servicing.

To conclude, through the cost effective proposal above, up to 22 more points may be added to the previous points of 120.25, so in total, up to 142.25 points can be collected to achieve on obtaining the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award.

The BCA Green Mark certification process for the office building (ENRB V3.0) to achieve Green Mark Platinum Award will be as follow: –
Application – Submission of application with all the relevant supporting documentation for certification of Platinum Award upon any finalization of sustainable retrofit or practices is required during this initial process. The building owner are required to login to the BCA Green Mark Website Online and complete the online submission of the BCA Green Mark Application, including Annex A, that is to be submitted together with the application form for Non-Residential Existing Building (ENRB). BCA Green Mark Assessor will be assigned to the office building during the duration of the project after the fees paid and application being accepted by BCA.

Pre – Assessment – During this process, an audit for pre-assessment will be carried out so as to provide a better picture of understanding towards the building owner and his/her project team, with regards to the evaluation and criteria to seek the Platinum Certification level. This stage will involve the first meeting with BCA and are usually conducted through presentation that is highly recommended before the start of project/works.

Actual Assessment – This process will involve a detail checking and review of the documentary evidences, so as to determine if the office building has met all the pre-requisite requirements and criteria for achieving the Platinum certification level. If the projects have the potential to achieve BCA Green Mark Platinum Rating (or Gold Plus), presentation of project to members of BCA Panel is required for further assessment. Upon fulfilling all the necessary requirements needed, letter of award displaying the BCA Green Mark rating will be issued at the last stage of this process.

Verification (2 Stage Audit) – In Stage 1 of this process, site verification, inspection and measurement will be conducted by BCA after the completion of the project. In Stage 2, Energy modeling & Audit to ascertain the energy savings is to be carried out for Platinum rating (including Gold Plus Rating as well). BCA Green Mark certificate (Platinum/Gold Plus/Gold/Certified) that is valid for 3 years will be issued at this final stage of the process.

Question 2:
“Re-certification of Green Mark Buildings” is a new certification process that is more user friendly and cost saving towards Green Mark qualified/certified buildings that can be re-certified to its same green mark scheme & rating previously through satisfying the performance metrics checklist. By using the spreadsheet provided by BCA, the building performance metrics and policy statement that is to be submitted will consist namely, Building Info, Energy Audit Report, Chiller Temperature reading, 3 year energy & water use and its improvement plan, Occupant/Tenant satisfaction survey, recycling and environmental policy, and IAQ Audit report. Building owner will also have the option to use the BCA’s portal of smart chiller efficiency, that will allow them to prove that their building’s cooling system has been continually performs efficiently.

To be eligible for such re-certification as mentioned above, the building: –
1 – Must not been renovated/retrofitted since the last Green Mark assessment.

2 – Has the intention to retain the same Green Mark rating and scheme that was achieved 3 years ago.

3 – Was certified with Green Mark for New non-residential buildings, existing non-residential buildings or Healthcare facilities.

It was reflected in TMA 1 questions that the office building was awarded with BCA Green Mark Gold Plus under the New non-residential buildings version 4.1, 3 years ago (2015), and the building owner wants to retrofit the office building so as to achieve the Platinum award under existing non-residential buildings version 3.0 by end of 2018. Due to such planning, the office building will not be eligible for the re-certification of its green mark building, as it will be retrofitted and there is no intention of retaining the same Green Mark scheme/rating.

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