Reasons Why I Hate This Movie

Reasons Why I Hate This Movie: An Essay
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Let’s talk about Jason
The movie takes away all of Jason’s agency
He no longer seeks out Howie and Becca, which gave his character a sense of responsibility and action
His story turns into a comic book he only shares with Becca, taking away the vulnerability from him in publishing a story
It feels like it is only there for aesthetic purpose
Jason has turned from being a three-dimensional character into just a prop for Becca’s grief
They try to play this “maternal” role with Becca and Jason which doesn’t fit into the story
Both Howie and Becca scatter their pain into other people or relationships instead of trying to put their own pieces back together
Speaking of Howie,
His character no longer feels relatable
In the play script these are real people who are very relatable, the movie has turned them into stock characters of grief
There is no longer any ambiguity to his cheating
He actively makes the choice to go to her home, the fact that he decides to leave does nothing to make up for this character flaw
There is nothing within their marriage that makes me want to root for them
In the play their relationship has an established feeling, there was love before the tragedy
In the movie it feels as I’m watching characters who are only this trauma
We’re watching characters play a circumstance, instead of watching two people living through their story
Howie and Becca’s compromise to get the dog back feels completely glossed over in the movie
She deletes the video from his iPhone? Really?
Howie and Becca’s struggles feel completely separate-emphasized by their constant distance in location and their seeking affection from others (Howie’s romantically, Becca in a maternal way)
The final scene is no longer believable. There is no build up to make me believe that they could come back together even in the smallest way
This is what happens when celebrities star in their passion projects
Thought: I’ve never enjoyed a Nicole Kidman movie. Did this bias me towards this film? Probably not.

She comes off as cold and unrelatable, Becca is a real person going through a real tragedy-Kidman plays this as a dramatic reading instead of understanding the reality of her pain
The relationship between Becca and her sister, Izzy, is completely lost
Her baking is out of extravagance, it feels like something she has always done. In the play we get the sense that the elaborate desserts are a coping mechanism for Becca
She feels lost, not like a woman who is attempting to put her life back together. In the play Becca is struggling and grieving but who is trying to move forward with her life. Her following Jason takes that away entirely. She is played as a character who lives only in grief, making her very one dimensional.

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Creative freedom isn’t always a good thing.

The play has one established setting, forcing the characters to deal with their grief
The world revolves around it, we hear about instances outside but they are told through story. They are stuck within the house, almost trapped within the memories.

In the movie characters and scenes are added which created moments and feelings that felt unnecessary and untrue to the original plot
It takes away the dynamic of witnessing a family’s grief by adding in so many other characters
It pulls Becca and Howie too far apart, they aren’t forced to deal with their problems in the marriage
Izzy’s birthday party takes place in a bowling alley which changes the undertone of that scene1
The change of scenery allow for more drama which felt as though it were played up far too often to feel believable
Becca and Howie’s house is much nicer in the movie. Becca attempts to go back to her office job. Both of these feel out of character from the people we see in the play
In Conclusion
The movie took a script about real people who were struggling and dramatized their grief into something unrelatable
They changed the dynamic of every character
It no longer felt like the same story


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