Quality, strategy & Value creation
Section – 2
Assignment – 2
 SWOT Analysis
Mentor – Robert W Elder
Prepared by – Raj Patel (8319485)
Executive Summary
Here we are going to analyse different four aspect of same organization. Basically this organization makes bicycles and it is named as BIKE PRO. We do have one information sheet in which the information regarding internal and external atmosphere of this organization is given. After analysing this information sheet we will categorise this details in four different sections which are strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. After that we will compare two modules with each other.

The internal parameters in swot analysis are strength and weakness where as the opportunity and threat are external parameters. In this analysis using four quadrant we will write the points regarding strength, weakness, opportunity and threats.

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1 Manufacturing technologies and futuristic material are affordable.

2 Political legal climate is favourable for business.

3 Products are manufactured at low cost.

4 Immense interest in research & development to fabricate separated and exceptionally modified item according to client’s request. 1 high competition between local and international brands
2 Due to other modes of transport available at cheap rates.

3 Online shopping gives customer more options.

1 Favourable conditions of environment.

2 Due to the highly fragmented market opportunity to grow up.

3 Rules in favour of company.

4 International platform can be used to globalize our product.

5 Expanded spotlight on becoming environmentally friendly.

1 low client dedication
2 high demanding customers
3 Due to bad experience of customers with previous bikes.

4 Not suitable for Canadian weather because of harsh winter.

BikePro has brilliant R;D capacity and successful usage of minimal effort makers in delivering the moderate items in its line of bicycles. BikePro has understanding of delivering superior quality bicycles go through different joint endeavours.

Presently with regards to outer dangers present in the business than Halifax processing plant is the one which is delivering top of the line items and can redo a bicycle to a client’s correct particulars. Through which they are focusing on buyer purchasing knowledge.
Bikepro’s Strategy is hostile in which they intend to change over these dangers into circumstances by changing the situation of their line of items by utilizing assets and quality. Bikepro can create top of the line parts requiring little to no effort through their R;D, and they are as of now adjusting their system of retailers by concentrating on purchaser purchasing knowledge. They are not picking the protective system by disregarding this particular target customers and focusing on different fragments.

Maybe a couple of the other significant methodologies can be recorded as underneath:
1 Increase showcase effectively by focusing on select retailers, prepare the staff and put to enhance client in store understanding.
2 Leverage web based business channels to increment online deals.
3 Campaigning with preservationists and strategy creators to build the push on Go Green.
4 Tie up with wellness and wellbeing focuses and tap the clients who are wellbeing cognizant by arranging occasions like cycle marathons, wellness camps and increment mark mindfulness.
5 Work cycling preparing focuses to advance cycle riding.
6 Vertically incorporate for certain cycle segments and cycling gears.


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